Big 12 vs the mouse

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You never did answer my question about why damages will be trebled in Big XII and ESPN. Also, I wasn’t talking about the XFL, I was talking about the USFL in the 1980’s which was ant-trust. The basis for the USFL argument is that they had no access to the facilities because the NFL had them.

You’re never going to have an apples vs. apples argument. You may be able to show bad faith or tortious interference by ESPN, but that won’t get damages trebled. And, if OU/UT stick around until 2025, highly unlikely, there are no financial damages under the current contract. You’d have a real hard time proving defamation too.

Next contract, look for the BIG XII on the Ocho. This season may have a lot of Big XII games on ESPNNEWS.

I think it depends on the context. TCU’s value may ordinarily be greater than that of Iowa State, but the existing presence of SMU decreases the incremental value of that program (and vice-versa if we’re talking about programs going to the Big 12… SMU may be more valuable than USF but is probably lower in the pecking order).

Baylor is a wildcard. I think we may be dramatically underestimating their value. But as of right now I still put them near the bottom in terms of who we would invite if given a chance.

Someone suggested a payout estimate for ESPN to merge portions of the two conferences to be around $10 mil.

I think is will be marginally more on the backside if that’s seriously the angle. I think they might be angling for a carrot of around 12 mil with playoff incentives.

That, in my opinion, would be the bare minimum to pry the leftovers away from their inflated opinions of themselves. That and they keep a portion of the UT/OU payout.

If they could do that on a relatively short contract it might be palatable.

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A great closing statement!


The Irate 8 are going down swinging.

Let’s see… minuscule research $$, safety school reputation, small alumni base (especially outside Texas), despicable recent history, haughty irrational fan base. And don’t forget the greater Waco / Temple media market.

Yep, underestimated.



And the Baylor folks likely heard something along the lines of “tough titty said the kitty when the milk ran dry (from the longhorn teat).”

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Preserve p5???

There ain’t anything to preserve.

Power 5 is a PR concoction invented by ESPN.


National championship basketball team, intermittently highly competitive football team

There’s a good chance that puts them ahead of other B12 programs as far as ESPN is concerned. If I were TCU or K-State I would not be cockyv about being ahead of them

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This is about football, and except for a relatively brief period with Art Briles, Baylor is among the absolute worst teams in the country in FB. There’s no chance for Baylor to move to another P5 conference. None.

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First of all, f*** off Baylor. Second, where were the supports for UH in 2016 so state of Texas has more schools in P5. Third, AAC will be part of P5.


like adding UH!

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You forgot one other thing, PRIVATE school. Not a public university.

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Valid points, but as has already been detailed at length this is about eyeball-driven $$$

Follow the money

Will (continue to) be entertaining to see which theory pans out

It was easier to dismiss Briles before Rhule got them to 11 wins. If two coaches can, more than two can. I think they’ve escaped perennial doormat status.

K-State hasn’t had a 10-win season in almost a decade, and only one coach has ever had any significant success there.

Iowa State hasn’t had a 10-win season ever.

TCU is the football success story, but they have a duplication problem with SMU and is a significantly smaller than Baylor.

I’m not talking about them getting into a P5-1 conference. I’m talking about their odds of getting into ours if we raid them and don’t take all the teams. Or, failing that, where they end up elsewise.

I don’t understand what they expect Abbott to do here.


I suspect that’s Abbott’s question.

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Baylor wants Abbott to put a stop to UT going to the SEC. This is what this was about.

Now I seriously doubt if the leftover 8 will hold together. They are really desperate.

After UT & OU leave the Big 12, Baylor’s recruiting will fall off and they will be lucky (really lucky) to average 6 wins a year - unless they’re somewhere like in the Sunbelt Conference or Conference USA.

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