Big DOD/Army Contract for UH


Sweet. All the scholarships, endowed Chairs/Professorships, facilities, & support infrastructure from AAU push is paying off.

This is very impressive and must be extremely exciting for the researchers and scholars who were awarded this massive contract. Serious kudos for their work and it will be tremendously beneficial for our country.

Was just reading about it.

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I know this is research and development for the military, but would it count toward research dollars these national academic ranking associations look at?

I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t.

Well I was wondering if they were looking for research dollars in specific fields like medical, which is what the AAU does.

Specifically, the AAU puts more weight on grants that are competitively awarded. That’s why most Ag research doesn’t count; Ag research funding is mostly awarded according to a formula established by the federal legislature. Presumably, if the USDA started awarding grants using the same methodology as the NIH, those grants would count again for AAU metrics, but that would also be a political nightmare.