Big Ed on Offense

We were teased that Oliver was going to get some snaps on the offensive side of the ball. I am wondering why it hasn’t happened yet? When should we expect it? If nothing else, I would assume that he would make an excellent decoy.

Rice - Seemed like a good time to use him.
Arizona - Stupid hot out and I understand if they wanted him fresh for next week.

I am by no means complaining about his usage. I love the guy and want him to receive maximum hype and win all the awards. Plus, I will get crazy excited when he goes in. Haha!

Get his goal line licks in next weekend vs TSU

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I think they are waiting waiting for conference play.

I don’t want to see it. Too much risk and not enough reward.


I tend to agree with @Marsaave. This is all part of the Heisman push, so they are waiting for an opportunity when it will actually matter. If he scores a TD in a 20 point blow out, I don’t think many people will care.

I agree with this, but ultimately, if Ed is ok with the risk, then so am I. And I fully believe if Ed thought it was too risky, he’d tell the coaches that and they would go with what he says.

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I want to see Ed run a reverse option pass

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Is he running, throwing or catching in that play? HA!

I want to see him run over a DB on his way into the end zone, a la Kenneth Farrow against Pitt a few years ago.


Those agility drills with pass catching that they showed during the game were pretty impressive. I can see him running the ball on the goal line. But even more I can see him at TE inside the 10

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yes :wink:


Come on Dicka run refrigerator !!

put Ed in at QB

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Too hot and he was playing too many plays on D with little rest between. He will get some soon.

Ed is faster than any TE we have. I almost fell asleep waiting for Brooker to cross the goal line on that 52-yarder.


Ala Vrabel during in the Super Bowls. :thinking:

something you are missing…ED on offense is a redzone weapon (5yds or shorter)…we have been in the redzone (5yds or shorter) twice this season…both times in must score situations where it would have been foolish to put ED in stead of an real RB (both times king just ended up running it in)…we’ve been scoring on big plays all season

its not that we arent using ed, but the opportunity to use ed hasnt shown up… ed will get multiple tds this season… but they have to be within the 5, where the need for a td isnt a big deal

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I’d like to see Ed as a full back

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Oliver should just pick King up and throw him across the goal line.


pesik good point but one might say the “need” for a touchdown is always a big deal.