Big Ed

Was nothing short of phenomenal, he blew up their O-linemen repeatedly, literally pushing them straight backwards. And he’s only 18. :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


OH yeah, he can run too.

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He was double teamed the entire time

And STILL blowing them up.

Wilson Whitley is smiling pretty big from the loftier section of the grandstand.

This kid is very special.


ZED! Great to see you! @UHzed

Back at you, Portland! :wink:

I didn’t think he would have such a large impact so quickly. It is frightening to imagine how good he can be in a few years and how he will dominate games and force offenses to change their game plans. Unless he gets hurt (God forbid) he will easily be a top five NFL pick. He was amazing.

@TallyCoog I didn’t either. I thought he’d crack the rotation, but he DOMINATED.

There will be injuries. We have Postma in backup. Surely he gets some PT next week. Got get some reps for the reliever.

And behind him, is that new guy, King. I haven’t seen his arm in action thus far, but oh what sweet ground coverage he exhibited this afternoon. :wink:

Big Ed is a man. A grown ass MAN!!!

Ed Oliver was phenomenal. He was getting doubled team from the get go. He can control the line of scrimmage like few players have been able to do. He can run down running backs, quarterbacks, or receivers. He did it against possibly the best team in the country. Unbelievable.

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Ed and king are real.

Game changing kids.

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I went to pearland high school when he was the quarterback for manvel, and in my opinion he was easliy the second best mobile quarterback in texas behind kyler murrey from those couple recruiting classes that those two are from.

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