Big news Sunday?

So says Chronicle on Twitter.

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It’s just the College Preview Section.

We’re probably on the cover.

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Just the comical trying to get me to spend money on their rag. Too bad; won’t work!


I heard it is going to be an ad for the fan shop


I live in Austin and never get the Chronicle delivered but I still subscribe to it. I love the fact that JD is always there and you can trust what he says. To me it IS a big deal if the home town newspaper chooses to feature the Coogs over myriad other choices. It shows that H-Town is Coog-town!


I take the Chronicle and read it every day. They have been a lot better to us since CTH took over.

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Been reading the Chronicle since the Post folded. Don’t agree with everything but all in all it does a pretty good job.

Now the sports page can sometimes be an issue. The editor changes but there is still a Big 12 slant. I used to be able to trade messages with JD but that seems to be over. I think, and this is just an assumption, that he gets defensive when I complain about 3 weeks of UT and A&M and zero UH.

It used to bother me now I really don’t care any longer. He’s a good reporter, but I get my news from the paper first and the internet second. When the paper I pay for doesn’t deliver I damn well am going to complain. Get used to it.

Otherwise I find the Chron useful. Some of you may disagree. I’m OK with that.

+1 .

M’eh. Print media.

I have a major flaw (OK - many!) in that I tend to hold grudges for a very long time. My major problem with the comical is that they have a long history of being hostile to the University of Houston - ever since the Hobby family sold the paper to that company out in California. From that moment on, they ceased being a “Houston newspaper.”

My other complaint with them is that they closed The Houston Post, which I used to read every day. It was a far better newspaper.

Now - back to my personal flaw. When (more like “IF”) I ever get over my long-standing grudges against them, and if they are still in business then, and they have been writing favorable stories about my Cougars as long as they trashed them - - - I might then consider reading the rag again. Maybe - - but I doubt it!

I see an actually Chronicle in the waiting room of my car’s dealership ONCE a year. Noticed its the size of mini-paper now … sorta like ah mini-me from the Austin Powers movies.

Next year it will probably shrink to the size of a DC or Marvel comic … and the next a paperback novel … and the next GWTW …

I have said for years that when they finally go out of business, I would like to see the UH Band form at their front door and play “Happy days are here again.”

But - that’s just me, and my personal flaw showing up again!

Incidentally, I feel the same way about the Dallas Morning News - and for the same reasons.

I had been a long time subscriber but had to drop it because I couldn’t support a paper as biased as the Chron had become.

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That is nice and all but Todd Stone is a major league douchebag. Most of the time, he is lobbing thinly veiled jabs at UH.

Stone is an aggie.

Actually, the Hobby family owned the Post, not the Chron. When ms Hobby ran the paper, things were great, but little Bill and her daughter were not like their mother and sold the paper to a Canadian interest, who later sold it again and soon created the situation where the loathsome Chron and Hearst papers bought the Post and closed it down,SAD day for this city and our school when the Post was no longer around…Chron gives us lip service when we are real good, ignores us when we arent.