Big Sky done this year

no football this fall…MSN

Just curious but do the players classification change even though no football? I’d imagine it does but I guess it sucks to lose a year of eligibility.

The players for the spring sports that were canceled didn’t lose a year of eligibility.

Would you watch more lower level college football if it were played in the spring? I would. Something for CUSA and the Sun Belt to think about.

Red is correct, son is baseball player and they were not charged a year of eligibility. Few baseball programs have already shut it down for the entire year.

True but there gets to be a backlog of players with rising freshmen as well. Schools aren’t able to add beyond capacity. From experience, I know that SMU’s T&F team expanded to their max with the extra year of eligibility. Some seniors didn’t return and they had to cut walk-ons. That was with one year of impact.

It’s definitely making for some interesting situations. I really feel for the 2020 HS grads. Not only did they lose almost their entire SR year but now they get to go into their FR year with returning FR who’ve had an entire year of the college life and ball under the belt. I would imagine if in worst case the 2021 season is also cancelled that will end quite a few college careers

recruiting changes also - we offering kids based on junior year tape as there was no spring to see any growth or decline. Everyone has access to nearly the same kids in terms of late bloomers now.