Big XII Gameday Ideas

What if the University of Houston had its own pregame show that could be setup on game day? Would you want to watch it? Could we broadcast on pbs? Would you attend the on-campus festivities? You could certainly tie this in with the tailgate and use it to enhance the atmosphere. The Gameday setup could be central to the whole tailgate setup like they used to have when the pavilions were around. I’m thinking a big beer garden with outdoor TV’s and food options. Make it an event that the average Houstonian could attend and find plenty of excitement and get the college tailgate experience even if they didn’t go to UH.

General setup:
On campus we could setup a College Gameday-like outdoor studio with local celebrity hosts and live entertainment.

If more Big XII schools got involved, you could have a central studio which would be a main host and then at each Big XII site you could broadcast from the campus of each school.

So, there would be one TV show for the conference schools/fans and a ton of content.

How would you watch it?
I suppose espn plus could play host. Whomever the TV partner is would have a solution in theory to broadcast the network of content.

Bad idea? Good idea? Thoughts?


Let’s just play a game first.


Let’s win a game first


Let’s get fans to the games first


Let’s get the schedule first


Let’s try to find a way to get more alums interested in attending at least one game a year.

Right now, the majority of our alums are still at the “they rather do anything else in the world than support their Alma mater” level of interest.


Unless we truly have an abomination of a season, i wouldn’t doubt that games like Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma State, Iowa State, BYU, UCF and Cincy will draw crowds.

Houston isn’t a difficult city to travel to, and plenty of affordable hotel rentals. I’m sure alums from the Kansas schools would be willing to travel to Houston if they’re big time cult fans.

Especially the Texas schools that have a lot of Alumni in Houston.

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We need to turn the lights on and off during night games when scoring TDs

Let’s go win some games!


The P5 standard, from what I’ve seen, is to have your radio guys do the pregame show outside the stadium.

Do you mean like how the Astros do during the playoffs?

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Not until we have third level bathrooms. The number of broken hips would be astronomical.

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Would the B12 allow us to do that? I don’t know.

If it could be done, UH would have to pay a local station, like Channel 39, KIAH, more money than they are receiving now, in what would essentially be a UH informational. Then you have production and talent costs. And what about the optics if there is inclement weather. That would have the reverse effect.

I like the idea, but like everything else, you need money. I can’t see UH paying for it so it would need to be funded through private donations.

Suggestion: Try it for the first B12 home game and UT and see how it goes.

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Well, he said PBS, which I believe is owned by UH. But again, let’s just play a game first. lol

Yeah, lighting effects during a night game are incredible, especially if they change colors. If this happened in TDECU, I would absolutely lose my mind. (Please, for the love of all that’s good, can we do something better than Thunderstruck, though?)


I think fans in the stands would enhance this effect though. Hopefully the Big12 will help with that.



I think this is a great idea.

There are a lot of Houston over the air channels that could air it. Channels like 13 have 13.1, 13.2, 13.3, 13.4 so space. Then maybe a ESPN+ or just set up a live feed of the athletic website for those not local. I think if there was something like this, it could be interesting if each Big 12 school did something like this and packaged it on a streaming channel with local channels.

Keep it reasonably low budget but informative with good sports content.


Good points about the split channels

Good idea. We need some wins. Bringing back the pavillions could tie into your beir garden. :beers: