Big XII to discuss Expansion in July?

Tweets from Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News:

“At Spring Meetings in Irving, Big XII presidents had requested more data on expansion from conference consultants.”

“Bowlsby also said he anticipates meeting of Big XII board of governors either by phone or in person to further discuss expansion in July.”

Take it for what you will…I think July is a new timeline, IIRC August was spoken about when next meetings were to be held…

Pfff. Whatevs. Tell them to go fudge themselves.

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I’m getting so pissed about all this Big XII talk that I’m starting to think the AAC will be a better option for us until another conference figures out our time zone and recruiting base is worth a gamble. Until someone in the Big XII has the balls to tell Texas to stick it, nothing is going to happen. Don’t want to place any of my eggs in that basket, much less all of them. Ok, my venting is over.


When both OU and 40 acres indicated they weren’t interested in expansion anytime soon …

I doubt the conference phone call will have any PEP to it …

Unless 'course its going to be a discussion over the data or lack thereof from the bears on the Brazos.

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