BIG XII Tourney

I appreciate Coach, never a doubt on how he will approach the BIG12 CT. He likes hanging Banners. :smiley:.

I’ll do my best to send pics from T-Mobile Arena in KC, just not great w that stuff. Maybe the wife can assist. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:


The idea of even the thought of my coogs losing on purpose makes me sick. Just no


I don’t really care what they do in this tourney. I’m sure the players think differently though.

I want to play and beat TCU so we can officially be the best in Texas.


And the Coach.

I dunno. We don’t need it and the rest would be far more beneficial for the REAL tournament. I’d rest all starters and play the bench. Technically, we would still be trying to “win it.”

Remember Kenyon Martin?


we dont have enough players available on the bench to rest all of our starters lol


Yep can’t rest them all, all the time but I’d definitely have them on strict minutes count with the emphasis being on the 3 rotation players doing the bulk of the work to get the wins.

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I had concerns about our offense earlier in the season.

Lately, it seems like we have some additional options coming around, and I’d love to see them getting minutes and into the flow for the NCAA.

And I wouldn’t mind cutting down the nets next Sunday, either.

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I definitely want Ced to get as many minutes as possible to keep improving.


We sure looked pretty well rested to my eyes yesterday. Amazing the difference between playing at home vs on the road.


Hard to rest players when you have a 8 man rotation. I think we will play to win as we are still in contention for the #1 overall seed.


The #1 overall seed is rather irrelevant at this point given the other teams in contention and their regional preferences. We are the #1 seed in the south, write it in pen. Tennessee or Kentucky (not both) will be in the south also as a 2 or 3 seed. There are other bracket guarantees at this point since they regionalized.


Minor differences but you get a slightly easier path if you are the #1 overall seed.

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you play to win the game. whether UH loses a game in the conference tourney or wins all 3 has no correlation with the NCAA Tourney. UH could use 3 games to give Dunn and Lath lots of playing time.


They don’t seed 1-64 so that isn’t necessarily true. With so many from same conference you don’t know how it will work out.


@marchi2234 same thoughts as everyone else.

TCU, OU, BYU, Tech

None of those teams are gonna beat you up like an Iowa State. Or Even Baylor/Texas on a neutral is tough. The other side of the bracket is much tougher

Great draw for us.

Just more games for Big Ced and Damian Dunn to get confidence in

TCU and BYU would be my preference. 2 teams that can play 4 out. That’s what we’re gonna see in the tournament

Oklahoma doesn’t have Javion Mccollum


they do seed teams 1-64

I would love to see Elvin get more playing with Shead in the game as well. Elvin can be pretty deadly from corner 3 when Shead drives to the basket.


Here’s what I would love:

Houston vs Uconn in the final. Elvin hits the 3 to win the game in the last second