BIG XII Tourney

Lets get a thread started. Correct me if im wrong but we play the winner of TCU and Oklahoma right?


I think that’s right. TCU and Texas tied for 7th. Texas has the tiebreaker. TCU is 8th.

OU and Kansas St tied for 9th. OU has the tiebreaker.

Both TCU and OU gave us all we could handle, so the Thursday game will be a war.

In the Friday game, I don’t know who’s 4th (Baylor or Tech) but 5th seed is BYU.

Iowa St, Kansas, Texas and one of Baylor or Tech are on the other side of the bracket.

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Texas has been hot since playing us.

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Not sure what tiebreaker caused it but Tech is the 4 seed



1 Houston
4 Tech
9 OU


2 Iowa St
3 Baylor
6 Kansas
7 Texas
10 Kansas St

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That’s about the best draw we could hope.


fantastic draw for the coogs. on the other side, I would not be suprised for anyone but cinci and WV to make it to the final, the coogs look like the only one on their side.

i may be biased.


yea i feel like it would take a disastrous shooting performance to lose in the quarters, as for the semis byu worries me more than tech

obviously anything can happen but i would be shocked if baylor doesn’t make it out that side of the bracket, kansas will probably load manage after the drubbing they just took and iowa state has looked awful lately

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Rest. With our short bench. The other tournament is what matters.


BYU way too sloppy with TOs.

OU vs TCU is a coin flip. Would be nice to get revenge on TCU but I would be fine with OU as well. I like BYU to get past UCF and Texas Tech to play us in the semis, but they could also go out early due to a cold shooting night from 3. The other side of the bracket is much more interesting with Iowa State, Baylor, Texas, and Kansas. I’m thinking either Texas or Baylor will get to the final on that side.


I really want TCU.


Agreed. I want us to beat everyone we played this year. Sure our team feels the same. We owe them one.


IDK, TCU beat us. It took a clutch shot by Shead to beat OU, who scored a season high (against us) 85 points. So take nothing for granted.

At least we’d likely get Shrek or the “u” Cougs in the semis if we make it that far.

So who would you rather be on our side of the bracket?

At first I didn’t care if it was a short trip in the conference tournament.

Now I want to get to the championship game because I want to see more minutes for Ced, Dunn and Wilson.

More minutes for those guys the better.


Obviously anything can happen and often does in conf tournaments. But on the other side of the bracket it would be quite an accomplishment for a team to win a game, then potentially beat Baylor AND Iowa State in whatever order. That’s asking to beat 2 3ish seeds in 2 days. And that’s just to get to the final.


There was a lot of debate on recent threads about whether CKS punts a game or two to rest the players. Well, during his post game speech yesterday he made a point to say “any basketball game we play where they’re keeping score, we’re going to try to win it”

I think that pretty much puts to rest any notion that he would punt any games.


I agree he said any game they keep score in we are going to try like hell to win it was his words plus the bracket draw is weak on our side and we might get the #1 overall seed plus these days of rest between now and Thursday leads me to believe we ain’t laying down in this tournament

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