Past 2 years the Big10 rep has lost by 31 points in the CFP.

Trend or coincidence?

If Ohio State gets in and has to play the stingy Clemson defense again, could be a 3rd time in a row.

Does a 2 loss champion Ohio St get in the College Football Invitational over a 1 loss non-champion Alabama? What would be the ramification of the BIG and the PAC both being left out and SEC getting two (2) slots? Does the committee really want to set up a possible rematch between Oklahoma and Ohio St? It is very close but I am thinking that the invites will be Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Alabama in that order.

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Alabama’s terrible OOC schedule plus the big loss at Auburn will keep them out, especially since Georgia totally dismantled that same Tiger team. Had Alabama lost an earlier game like they have before but still won their conference, then no doubt they are in…just happened to lose that one game at the wrong time…

You very well could be correct but I think the optics of having a 2 loss team in the tournament is just bad. For that reason alone I think Alabama will be in and OSU will be out.

I hope it is Bama and that both Bama and Georgia get destroyed in the semis. Time to end the SEC myth.

If bama and Georgia lose that means OU gets to play for the championship. I’d rather the SEC myth continue over that

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I believe Alabama beats OSU head to head, but if Bama is picked for CFP it cheapens the season from game to game. If Bama is picked and championships don’t matter, then the playoff argument to not have 8-16 teams goes out the window. This may be why you have a CFP committee. We will see!

I think Ohio State gets the nod so there is some representation up north. If it’s Georgia, OU, Clemson and Alabama that’s all southern central and southeast teams. No north east, no west coast, no Great Lakes region. Follow the $$$. Ohio state will be in and the CFP committee will simply say playing and winning a conference championship is a big deal vs not playing in one ala Big 12 several years ago.

We have an upcoming game against Oklahoma, we need that to be as valuable as possible if we win again. The big 10 needs to get left out so they angry enough to force expansion.They’re the key, and they certainly believe there should be northern representation. The whole thing is a farce right now anyway, Alabama isn’t the reason so might as well let them in and get smoked by Clemson or Oklahoma.