Big12 Basketball 2024-25

Let me know if yall can access this Google Doc:

As of April 3rd, 2024. My thoughts on the league:

I like where they’re headed:

3.Kansas St
4.Iowa St

Need some pieces in the portal


We gotta a lot of work to do

11.Texas Tech
12.West Virginia

We suck
15.Oklahoma State
16. Arizona State

Let me know your thoughts


Texas Tech has (4) dudes on their roster returning.

*Darrion Williams, Kerwin Walton, Chance McMillan and Eemeli Yalaho

And zero incoming freshmen

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Utah just made the NIT Final Four. Why would they be #14 and yet Cinci, another NIT participant, is #7?

Baylor has solid talent coming and going. They still seem like top five. Better than KSU.

@tristatecoog very good question.

Because Branden Carlson, their best player is out of eligibility

Deivon Smith, their point guard, is expected to transfer

Cole Bajema is also out of eligibility. So Utah is losing alot of scoring

Cincinnati brings back:

1.Day Day Thomas
2.Jizzle James
3.Simas Lukosius
4.Dan Skillings Jr
5.Aziz Bandaogo

Also bring in (2) 4 star freshmen

Kylan Boswell is rumored to hit the portal. Jaden Bradley probably going to be the PG next year.

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The top 6 could be ranked in any order. Was more just listing those top 6, than ranking them

But, as for Baylor they’ve been 11-7 in conference play last 2 yrs

Baylor loses RayJ Dennis, JaKobe Walter, Yves Missi. Jalen Bridges could turn pro.

I feel like that Scott Drew is running with the same playbook next season. Young talent coming in. A few experienced players back. And hope the pieces fit.

I agree for now, id have Baylor top 4. With Arizona up there also.

Jerome Tang, i heard got more NIL for his program, so I expect them to do very in the portal this off-season

Too early to even think about it !!

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UC can still bring back CJ Frederick. He has his Covid year available. UC fans pretty torn on him coming back tho, because he hasn’t played a full season in years. His body seems to fail him.

The Core of UC’s Roster is returning (at least all indications say that)
Dayday Thomas ( Really high level defender, who I think has a much better offensive year after a year at this level under his belt)
Jizzle James (the next Star UC)
Dan Skillings (On the verge of being a star)
Simas (Really found his mark in the back half of the big 12 Season, shot 44% from 3 on a lot of volume from Feb to end of season)
Aziz ( All indications show him returning, great defender and elite rebounder BUT we need to add a scoring big to compliment his zero offensive ability)

  • Most think that Sage Tolentino will ultimately transfer. UC will once again bury him on the depth chart. And he’s not just big 12 level.

Newcomer wise:
Tyler Betsey: High 4 star top 40 recruit Stretch 4 Splasher. Most people say he is a 4 who can gain the skills to play the 3 long term. Highlight of UC recruiting class

Tyler Mckinley: Top 70 4 Star PF/C from Cincinnati. Skilled Big Man who gas a good overall game.

Rayvon Griffith: Redshirted Last Year so a newcomer to the active roster. Top 70 4 Star SF/Wing. I think wanted to be on the same timeline as fellow Cincy recruit Tyler McKinley. Personally think he could be the next Defensive stopper like Newman was for UC this year. Might take some time tho.

The Basic core of the UC roster looks pretty damn good. I think Jizzle James and Dan Skilling’s are true top of the league breakout players offensively.

Team Needs from the portal:

  • A Veteran Center/PF who is well rounded and can score
  • A shooter. This team needs shooting
  • A Defensive Stopper on the wing with size

They have 2 spots open right now. With likely 1-2 more opening, Sage being 1. I hope Reed sticks around as he is a culture player with a good work ethic. He could be a high level glue guy. And then there is CJ… who could be a fantastic Shooter off the bench if the guy could just stay healthy. Shot 43% from 3 in 15 games played.

So if Baylor loses Scott Drew.

Tang or Mccasland takes the Baylor job.

Unless a Will Wade is hired as a replacement for Tang/Mccasland.

The league has gotten weaker!

Which is good for Houston? Bad overall for the conference…

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Slight negative for us bc I expect us to handle business and go at least 14-6 in conference barring an early injury crisis

The middle class of the league is hurt the most by this bc Baylor under Drew has typically been good enough to be the difference maker for bubble teams that happen to beat them

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@UH67ORST61 good point.

And if your Kansas State, Texas Tech, Baylor

Now is the time to be landing high level transfers.

If Tang, is staying put. They’re probably in good shape. The distractions havent hurt them too much. Hes got Dug McDaniel and are reaching out to some good players.

But Texas Tech, barely has a roster. I think 5 players currently

Baylors roster will be blown up, if Drew leaves.

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I don’t think McCasland would jump to Baylor after 1 year at Tech, where he has some pretty deep ties, including his wife being a former Tech athlete. Tech has the advantage over Baylor in almost every respect - facilities, NIL, fan support, etc. Don’t underestimate the amount of oil money flowing into Tech athletics.

Nothing is out of the question in the coaching carousel, but this seems unlikely.

So the Big 12 keeps Drew, Tang, Mccasland, Otz

But loses Mark Pope.

For all the big openings: Louisville, USC, Arkansas, Kentucky, Michigan.

Alot of great Big12 coaches stayed put. Good for the league

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