Big12 Basketball 2024-25

Oh so THIS is Francis breakout year. He was underrated last year imo but man did he look different in those clips.


Top 5 Big12 team?

Kansas, Houston, Baylor and Arizona.

Could they out-recruit Iowa State, Kansas State, TCU, Texas Tech. Yes

Im not that high on Iowa State as an elite program. Their offense is just average, since Otz has been there

The LOL, im guessing is Final Four? With next years roster, a final four team, no. But if they have success with Egor Denim. Then more top international players will come to BYU

Similar to when Tommy Lloyd was at Gonzaga. His ties overseas, made Gonzaga a top destination for international players

Do, i think they’ll land Aj Dybantsa? No, but for him to be interested in their program…they could land some future 5 star recruits that a year ago they had no shot at.

Also their NIL is solid…the Utah Jazz Owner, is a big contributor to their program

@pesik looked like a pretty solid team

And that’s without

*Cryer (foot)

*Tugler (foot)

*Arceneaux (Achilles)

Didn’t see Mercy Miller out there either


Is Arceneaux expected to be fully healthy ? Is that what his injury was? An Achilles?

yes, if there were important games today he would play… there are clips from 2 months ago of him practicing …

same with the other 3 “injured players” they were all doing sprints on yesterday, despite most of the injuries being foot injuries …looks like we are just being cautious

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Something new hanging in the practice gym

Looks like Corey Davis Jr on the wall


Yes Francis looks smoother and more aggressive I like it

If Francis develops any kind of touch in the paint, the one-two paint scoring punch of J’wan and Francis will be something we haven’t seen in a very long time. The thought of that gets me all kinds of excited!


Could it just be one of the manager staff members?

K State definitely one of the winners of the portal


They missed on Cliff Omuruyi (Alabama) and Khalif Battle (Gonzaga)

But they finished really well with getting Achor, Onyenso & Coleman Hawkins.

Offensively, last yr, they were bad. Turned the ball over alot. 139th in offensive efficiency

Curious about this new guard mix.

Their PF/C depth is one of the best in the country

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im thinking that kstate will do what iowa state did last year and run 3 bigs at once, since 2 of them are stretch 4s … i think they run achor achor and hawkins at the 3 for long stretchs of the game

interesting team


Would you slot Kansas State 6th right now?


*Kansas, Houston, Iowa State, Baylor, Arizona

Also, apparently $2M in NIL for Coleman Hawkins

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Man the roster management in the Big 12 just to make it to March is going to be nuts. You almost don’t even want to worry about winning the league/getting a 1 seed. You almost need to be able cede games have and run your 2’s and 3’s to save legs.

Especially going to 20 conference games and no off week at all.

it gets really murky after 5…

i like cincy alot but big questions marks about thier ability to shoot with their main core (4 out of 5 projecter starter questionable shooters)

byu and kstate have unique roster than im not quite sure how to rate them … byu has a ton of tall shooters but no real size (and could land another big time tall shooter)… kstate has a touted pg and 4 touted stretch 4s … not guarantee any 2/3 is a star

and then theirs ttech, who finished 4th last year, returned everyone but the pg and center… on paper improved at the pg and center

all those 4 have a strogn case… im not sure right now

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Ive liked Cincinnati the last 2 years & in my opinion, they underperformed in both yrs

So, out of the remaining coaches after Top 5, I trust Jerome Tang the most

BYU, i think defensively & on the glass. I still have concerns. Their size is 6’‘6 Traore & 6’ 8" Keita. If they had another rim protector, id like them more


i acutally trust techs coach the most… they should not have been good last year … kstate under performed last year, tech overperfromed … and this will be year 2 for him, with his players more familiar with his system… if we are judging by the coach

tang/kstate going for the bidding war recruits and not the continuity guys subconsciously is making me duck some points for him


Their projected (8):

Hawkins, Overton, McMillian, Darrion Williams, Kerwin Walton, JT Toppin, Cambridge, Federiko

You could be right.

Williams & Toppin could be All Big12 players

so could hawkins in a shead kinda way… he is national returning leader in assists per game… and he did it at Minnesota (not a mid major)… the on paper flaw is probably scoring… hawkins, williams and toppin are all super touted for non scoring reasons… theres no one on roster you can say with full confidence is scoring 14plus

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@pesik Ill give Tang a mulligan.

The Nae’Qwan Tomlin suspension and dismissal was huge. They probably make the tournament if he plays last season

Ques Glover, also got injured. So, their guard play was a mess. And that is on Tang.

Couldn’t shoot & turned it over alot.

I think Tech will finish ahead of K State cause they’re more consistent game to game. But K State has a higher ceiling