Big12 Confernece Media

Bowlsby calls Jim Grobe “Al” Grobe.

Says Baylor has been forthcoming, but presidents are concerned about being associated with them. Trying to determine if they broke Big 12 or NCAA laws.

Expansion on the table tomorrow.

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In other words…SNAFU !!!

What a circus!!!

A blind 3-legged porker doesn’t need Sherlock to tell ANYONE … the cubbies weren’t going to release the KEY VERBAL INFORMATION to the Big12 nor can they be forced to.

The Big12 is toothless in the matter … they can neither deny championships bowl games or scholarships … all they have is expulsion and that is the extreme that NO Big12 MEMBER has the cajones to embrace.

As for attempting to figure out divisions with just 10 teams and the dilemma Bowlsby has reminds moi of the days of my yewt when our neighborhood was trying to come up with two teams to play a softball game with only 11 players.

The playoff committee must be laughing their rear ends off looking at the Big12 efforts to be legit with a diminished CCG.


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