Big12 in talks with the Alliance?

Not sure if this is true, but if it is, WOW!


Dayum! Maesterstroke!!!

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IF this happens, SEC’s first call should be to the Big East in hoop. Plenty of SOS friendly match ups.

Sunbelt would be the call for OOC football. Mostly in the SEC footprint.

Two FCS and 2 G5s are not going to help the SEC’s SOS.

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Big East #2 ranked in hoop so far this year. Usually solid.

SEC schools barely need to play other P5s in football. Playing each other keeps them ranked.
Sunbelt keeps schedule from being a joke of UMass, Deep South FCS, UConn, new CUSA, etc.

Greg Swiam is about as reliable as the Dude of WV


Is he a crackpot/BS artist? His name is familiar but only in a B12 context.

I’m sure Greg Sankey is shaking in his boots.

I REALLY hate to say this, but the federal government is going to have to step in or college football and basketball, maybe other sports too, will never get “clean”. It’s such a racket. The feds need to take it over like they did the railroad pension funds decades ago.


There is blatant violation of Anti-trust laws by the book in college sports especially football. If this was in the corporate business world the Feds would be throwing so many lawsuits down but the cartel in college football is not touched.


I hope this is true.

Swaim has a pretty decent following and hasn’t said anything in the past that was off the wall crazy. I’m just not sure how accurate this info is though.

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Swaim is a bit more legit than the Dude. Swaim has business interests. The Dude probably wears a pirate hat and types in his Mickey Mouse pajamas.

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Swaim is NOT a reliable source. NEXT!

I’m skeptical of opinions about opinions.

This sounds like one of those deals where there’s no breaking news just spitballing by unnamed sources. Whatevs! :yawning_face:

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No nothing about the man I like the narrative, even if only speculative

Swaim isn’t reliable.