BIG12 Rivalry with BYU

This post is all in good fun and I love UH.

As a long time Houstonian- former season pass holder to Houston Football I’m excited to finally get the chance to see my BYU Cougars in Houston regularly. I’m a diehard Cougar Fan and I’ve wanted to see Coogars vs Cougars more often than we’ve had.

The game at NRG was amazing a few years back. Out numbering Houston last year at TDECU was awesome.

One of my son’s favorite memories was the basketball game winning shot against Houston a few years back.

I’m just talking smack because it’s awesome to finally be in the club. Houston and BYU have earned and deserved this for decades.

For BYU it’s being reported that BYU is in for all sports. Sunday play not an issue.
July 1, 2023 is projected start date for new teams. TV revenue estimated at $24.8 MM per member in revamped Big 12.
Without the new additions, TV revenue was estimated to drop to apprx. $10 MM/member.
That does not include Big 12 championship game, CFB Playoff, or NCAA tournament credit revenue. Tie III deals and revenue are up to individual members (yay for BYUtv!). Annual Tier III revenue for current Big 12 programs is apprx. $15 MM.

Adding two more is possible, and some schools are pushing for that. Memphis and Boise are the clear leaders if that occurs. ”


Out numbering UH at TDECU??? Maybe after the game…

I was there. You saw it. More blue than red.

Actually I could admit 45 55 in your favor at worst. It just felt like we had more

You got a pic before anyone would have left? Otherwise don’t bring that noise to a UH forum.

Edit: it’s just trolling

I mentioned here before that my wife and I and another couple went to the BYU away game a few years back.
The fans were great, happy to have us there.
We had O’Korn, lost by 5, but it was super fun.

Definitely would go back for the roadie…


I don’t like saints from new orleans or latter day. Go coogs! Wth does latter day mean anyway!?

I was there. BYU did outnumber us. Made me sad. Visiting fans should never outnumber us in our own stadium. This has the making of a really good rivalry.

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BYU has a great fan base. We need to do better to attract more UH fans into TDECU.

We should have so many more fans that it would never be a subject of debate.

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Covid made that happen, would not happen


COVID sucks. However it was amazing for me that Houston didn’t want to go to Provo that year and so BYU came to TDECU instead. Certainly made my life better getting to see a game.

If you’re serious the term Later Day Saint just refers to a time period to distinguish it from the church during and shortly after Christ.

If you don’t care that’s okay to.

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I just don’t like Boise State. Memphis…YES! Boise has no market at all and no recruiting base. I like Tulane or USF. Interesting timing that USF announced a new on campus stadium project right now.

Me too. Steep bleachers for a guy that’s afraid of heights but the view was amazing. I second the great treatment received. I was in Vegas on business and got one ticket three days before the game from a fellow Coog I met at Ceasar’s.

I usually drink a few at the game but being in Provo among all the pageantry made me happy to take it all in clear-headed.

It may sound weird but I had a feeling that night we’d be in a conference together one day. Great fans!


BYU travels very well. Their fans are everywhere.

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Question is do they travel well or are they everywhere. Either way, they did show up in large amounts of fans at TDECU pat year and FC few years back. Glad to be in the same conference with BYU.

Yah its definitely more the latter but honestly thats probably more impressive. They’re a true national brand. Looking forward to competing against them as future conference mates.


BYU is a great brand. They are really an international brand.

This was the non p5 marquee program the b12 always wanted. I’m glad they got them. BYU deserves an upgrade because it takes real moxie to be successful as an independent.

Same mascot, we’ll be the Auburn-LSU of the B12. We even have a Gus Bus in the conference to oversee it.

We spent the first night in Salt Lake City so we could tour their HQ, the Temple was amazing, had lunch in the massive complex, took a tour.

Then went to Provo for the game…got to the stadium, and an 80 year old Docent gave us a tour of the stadium, who tried to convert our very own Joe Baker😃

Then short drive to Sundance (amazing ski resort town founded by Robert Redford) where we had lunch, then continued to Park City and spent a few golfing days there…

Passing along this info to Coogs wanting to travel there


I’m guessing we’ll have a lot of Saturday double headers in baseball, right?

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