Big12 Teleconference

Here it is kids!

anybody else just hearing classical music?

Yup! Can someone email the pin to them?

Classical music = old
Old = old times
Old times = SWC

This is all making sense now…it’s like Radio America…

somebody somewhere else on internet saying looks like pushed back an hour or two

maybe rock paper scissors keeps ending in a tie


Jake Trotter ‏@Jake_Trotter · 2m2 minutes ago

Big 12 presidents still meeting behind closed doors. Expansion, Baylor have been the major discussion topics.

Big 12 ConferenceVerified account ‏@Big12Conference 17m17 minutes ago
LISTEN LIVE: #Big12 Board of Directors teleconference set to begin at approx 4:30 CT -

I’ve tried to listen for a few minutes, but my ears are bleeding. I never heard so much mumbo jumbo in my life. Everyone in that room talks and talks - but never says anything!

That conference deserves to die!

No, everyone exresses their honest opinion and then UT tells the other nine schools what they want and their vote over rules all the others.

Teleconference Transcript:

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