Biggest thing missing

I think the closest analog to Donovan Smith so far is a slightly better 2020 version of Tune that doesn’t turn it over as much. Tune had 20 total TDs to 10 ints that year (Donovan is 20/5) and had a few moments here and there but overall the play wasn’t good enough and consistent enough to stack up Ws given everything around him. Both are pretty big guys and ran a little but it wasn’t a primary part of their game that made the offense go. They are essentially pocket passers with a bit of mobility. Interestingly, that season was 8 games long and we went 3-5 which is where we currently sit after 8 games. I have a sneaking suspicion that CDH believes like Tune broke out the next year in 2021, that Donovan will breakout for us in 2024 and get us a bowl game and save his job for another year after that.

Well said. That’s why guys like Dana, Levin, Applewhite, Helton, and Jenkins fail as HCs. Our next coach needs to be a seasoned veteran that has a consistent winning track record as a HC. No more talk about exciting OCs, they’re too risky. Let those up and comers prove themselves somewhere else.

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Mr. John Jenkins was:
Mr. John Jenking was:
10-1 under probation with a limited amount of players.
Mr. John Jenkins was:
10-1 in the SWC, Power Conference.
The John Jenkins bad years was due to probation and a limited squad.
Mr. John Jenkins should have never been fired.


I’m totally with you. I have always been a Jenkins fan. He changed the game. I’m just pointing out that eventhough he was a phenomenal OC, maybe not the perfect HC.
Dana is similar in that he was a very good OC, but severely lacking as a HC

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This offense is not innovative even when Dana slips up and we pass 6x in a row. It’s your everyday, run of the mill semi-air raid from a huddle. I, one who played nothing more than EA Sports NCAA from 2003-2014 could call plays as affective as we’re doing and with a little more variety doing it . Seriously.

Not even sure what it is attempting to do

But suffice to say there is no rhythm to it whatsoever

No wonder the players are inconsistent

Play calling has been abysmal

Mr John Jenkins went 10-1 with Pardee recruits, made enemies by running up scores and talking smack lol.
He also did some things that got UH investigated by the NCAA.
I like him as an OC but not so much running the show


JJ just didn’t place a priority on recruiting defense, which was his ultimate failure. And showing risqué “attention getters” during film sessions.

Wait !? You mean the buck stops? I thought it just got passed along.

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I don’t see how showing a clip of girls running on a beach in a bikini and occasionally pulling their tops off and showing bare breasts is such a bad thing. We are talking about healthy college boys here and I am willing to bet that almost all have seen bare breasted girls up close. That rap was silly in my opinion.

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That seemed pretty tame when it came out 30 years ago. It doesn’t even move the needle today.


Mr. John Jenkins did IMO one of the very best head coaching job we ever had.


I remember some of Jenkins games comming down to the last team to score won, and it wasn’t unusual for games against other passed based offensive teams taking forever to complete.

According to espn we aren’t even top 10 in quarterbacks in the nfl

Let’s not say things we can’t take back.

As much as I’m disappointed with the trajectory of the athletics department. And major deficiencies and missteps in academics, khator is light years ahead of any uh ceo I’ve had since 1987 and has accomplished great things.

Remember, it was The Longhorn Gazette aka Houston Comical that was pushing the shock and horror of innocent 18 to 24 year old males being exposed to such things.

Go ahead give us a list. I would love to see it.

  1. Bill Yeoman - Longevity, innovative offense, won conference championships, one of the early coaches in the South who recruited black athletes, great with fans and media, leader of men.

  2. Jack Pardee - Inherited a program that went 1-10 the previous year under CBY and resurrected it, implementing a new offense, the run and shoot, setting NCAA offense records. For three years, won 66% of his games at UH. Being a defense coach, had the foresight to hire JJ as OC.

  3. Art Briles - Hired after the Helton and Dimel debacles, when the football program was DOA, and resurrected it. Mended some high school recruiting relationships that were damaged by Helton. Gave the fan base hope that UH could climb out of the abyss.

  4. Kevin Sumlin - Expanded on the progress started by Briles. Hired good coaches who developed an all-star QB.

  5. Tom Herman - Continued the success started by Briles and Sumlin. Great at promoting the program in today’s culture.

  6. John Jenkins - Offensive genius who only focused on one side of the ball and the neglect to the defense caught up with him and the program. Fan favorite with style of play and attitude.

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