Black History Month: Why 3 Freedmen's Town homeowners fought Rice University to keep their land |

The university is named after a slave owner

Only matter of time before they change the name of the university given they removed the statue last year. Went under the radar in media

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I doubt they will change the name.


They will to the University of Houston extended branch

They relocated it to a less prominent place on campus.

The remains of William “Willy” Rice were previously buried under the Founder’s Memorial statue in the middle of campus. The statue has been taken off its pedestal and is set to be moved to a new location within the school’s Academic Quadrangle.

As for renaming the school, highly unlikely I think.

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Facts on slavery:

Rice, Houston the list goes on. We can’t change history. We can’t re-write history either like it never happened. We want to wipe clean all of our history because of it? That is non sense. What we can address is the forms of slavery that still exist today, such as human, child, and sex trafficking. The same people engaging in these modern day slavery rackets also are killing or enslaving people with drugs and other crime…and all of this is happening TODAY?

That means we have not learned a damn thing about our past. We need to focus on erasing slavery happening now instead of being worried about the slavery of the past.

Note: This post has been edited with Chris’s permission as I felt his original was way more political. Hopefully this can allow for a less political discussion without losing Chris’s point or intention.

I can’t stand rice o roni but the fact is Sam Houston had slaves too. How many universities will have to be renamed?


They aren’t being renamed.

Removing the statue and remains of the dude who founded the school is cold

They at least had the permission of the family.

As did George Washington.
So , yeah, agree with you,

Someone one here the other day said something to the effect , “you adopt the good, and throw
away the bad stuff” . Don’t forget all the bad stuff , but build on the things they got right

Exactly. Focusing on the bad? There is not one country on earth that was/is not impacted by slavery. Africa itself during the 1700’s, 1800’s, 1900’s and today had/have slave traders.

You can’t rewrite history but you can talk about it.

All I want to do is give my white brethren a hug of brotherly love without him grabbing my ass. :rofl:

When have we not talked about slavery, it was talked about in my history books in the 60s and 70s. Today they act like it still exists.

I don’t know who “they” are or where someone is talking like that but it’s clearly not in this thread.

Yet someone here was complaining about talking about slavery. Hence my comment. You’re talking about something “they” are allegedly saying somewhere else.

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Clearly we haven’t learned all we should have about it when we have curriculum being proposed in some states that says slavery might not have been all bad. Here’s just one, and that’s as far as I go as this will descend into madness. From Vanity Fair:

"A lot of crazy s–t has come out of Florida over the last number of years—see: every headline that starts with “Florida Man…”—but almost none of it compares to what the Sunshine State came up with earlier this month, when the Board of Education approved a new set of rules requiring teachers to tell students that there were upsides to being enslaved . Yes, really: The state literally requires instruction on “how slaves developed skills which, in some instances, could be applied for their personal benefit.”

Yep, perfect example of the attempts to rewrite history by many.

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Who is “they”? Also…

Our neighbors have cartels that have human and sex trafficking. The same can be said for other countries. IMO this is where the UN should be best at:
How do we/UN penalize countries that do not control such horrific crimes? You saw the list that posted. We are in 2024 and clearly slavery is happening right in front of us.