Black Pants and White Jerseys?

Since the game was well played in all areas, I decided it was ok to complain about the uniforms. White jerseys with black pants look like a mistake. Like one of the managers lost the white pants and this was all there was. Yuck. This is not the fashion statement this team (or anyone) should make. If you want clever uniforms, transfer to Oregon.

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And you also decided it was OK to start another thread just like the one right below?

Make better decisions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Did not see the other string. Sorry.

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If they play like that I hope they wear Black and White every game in the Big 12!


I loved those uniforms. Great contrast. And I love the matte red on white with no outline. The stripe down the pants was neat too.

But I just don’t like black when we already have an in-state school with those colors.


You know we never have redundant threads around here, right? :laughing:


Well one thing about UH wearing black pants, they can sure hide a s*** show.


I didn’t mind them switching up the look, although, I would have preferred the UH logo on the helmet.

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they can wear neon pink for all I care… just keep playing like this!
… but I too kind of squinted when I first saw the black pants lol.

Need black helmets / white logo to go with