Bo Hogeboom

Just realized he threw 8 td passes in last weeks playoff game against Stephenville.

I know he signed here to play baseball next year, but I wonder if we can bring him in to help our qb depth.


Very interesting.

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Gary Hogebooms’ boy?

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Does he want to play QB at the next level? That is the biggest question for me. We won’t know until he gets on campus. 247 has a junior highlights on him.
This is from
Bo Hogeboom Class of 2020 - Player Profile | Perfect Game USA
This is from maxreps
Bo Hogeboom | Argyle HS, Argyle, TX | MaxPreps

Grandson I think

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Patrick has a great thread in the baseball section:

Can’t tell from his Twitter, but it’s got more football than baseball. Has some of this year’s video & awards on there too. Looks like a cannon for an arm. Doesn’t surprise me he is a catcher & QB.

Does anyone know if he’s related to former Cowboy Gary Hogeboom?

I saw a video on our baseball board of him doing a demonstration throw to second base from catcher. Looks like he can buzz that ball!!!

Right on. He can sure work on his arm throwing motion but he is deadly accurate. I am very curious if he wants or is offered to play both. Remember friends there are a ton of athletes that “peak” late. He could be a gem before our eyes.

All signs appear to be baseball at UofH. I do know Argyle is national powerhouse in baseball and dang good football for a long time. Something like 11 D1 baseball players a few years ago? His Twitter is full of football accolades this year. Do athletes have time to play 2 sports at this level? Don’t both sports play & practice year around? Cool story anyway.

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Maybe that heavy brace on his left knee is a reason (his reason?) for focusing on baseball rather than football?

Maybe Patrick or Jhair know more about his baseball vs football decision and his knee? I’m just intrigued because of his name and his ridiculous stats this year. Looks like his team is still alive in the TXHSFB playoffs.