Bobby Champagne- New Director of ops and basketball strategy

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I have to say with the name Bobby I was expecting a much younger guy. Because he definitely looks like he wants to be called “Robert” age wise. Bobby makes him sound like late 20’s really 30’s on paper.

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Bobby Knight?


So does Lauren move from that side or an i thinking about a whole different job?

Fair sometimee’s Bobby sticks, especially if you become a bit of a celebrity Bobby Knight, Bobby Flay, Bobby Brown.

But for like office guys especially at director levels, I feel like Bobby’s become Robert’s, Steve’s become Stephen’s, Charley and Chuck’s go back to Charles.

Here’s a link to the longer announcement that explains his background and what he’ll be doing (for those of you like me who have no idea what a Director of Operations and Basketball Strategy does).

Is he related to the Champagne that used to coach Lee College in Baytown?

That was Roy Champagne, but I don’t know if there’s any relation.

Bobby Champagne :champagne:, sounds like he should have been on the Sopranos!

Welcome sir!


A coach he has worked with in the past and trusts. Since he is used to running his own team, this should be a natural fit for him.

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