Boise St - Marshall

Tied 7-7 at the half with Boise getting their TD with 10 secs remaining in the half. Marshall D giving them all they want on the blue turf. Glad I took the Under.

Pulling for Marshall despite how they did Patrick. Broncos shouldn’t be allowed to wear blue on that god ugly turf.


Looked like BSU might run away with it but mistakes and turnovers have set BSU back. Should be interesting finish.

Marshall simply needs to find a QB . They kid they have in there is killing their offense.

This game makes me think Boise is not going to be able to run through the MWC unscathed.

For sure… They got a ton of credit for beating FSU, but everyone seems to have forgotten how terrible they were last year… I thought BSU did not look like the old BSU last week, and the were further from it this week.


Never support Marshall even if you hate the blue turf. We should of never let them in CUSA when we were there

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Interesting…why is that? I may have missed something lol

Still hard to watch

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Ohhh yeah…I definitely remember that SMH

Yes, I remember that, it was an accident and nothing more than carelessness by the band. That doesn’t give reason to hate them. But, to each their own.

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