BOLD PREDICTIONS! UH Basketball 2023-2024

Me and my friend started a tradition a few years back, we make bold predictions about the season before the first game. Thought I’d bring the tradition here.

Example last year I had….

  • Roberts will shoot 30%+ from 3 and he literally didn’t even take a 3 :joy:.
  • Jarace all American didn’t work out
  • Francis starting by conference play
  • But the one I did get right was 5 players average 10+ ppg. Thats was the first time that’s happened since Sampson got here

Here are ours this year. The left are mine the right are his.



Cryer leads the Big 12 in scoring.


I like it!

When you say JoJo starting by end of year, do you mean by December 31, 2023, or the end of the basketball season?

Here are mine:

JoJo will have a 13+ rebound game
Cryer will set the UH 3 point make record with 11 in a game
Cryer and Sharp will combine for 15 made threes in a game


Just want to see TA not have the sophomore slump and come out and dominate. Will be a tough season with our bigs in the B12 where big men dominate, but we have the talent on the floor to compete.


@Kmoney either Cryer or Sharp, will finish with 100 made threes this season.

Jojo Tugler will be invited to the NBA draft combine next yr. (But not enter the draft)

UH will have 6 players who average double figures (ppg): Cryer, Dunn, Jwan, Arceneaux, Shead, Sharp


Francis will have better numbers in rebounding & block shots than Bo outlaw’s best year.
Cryer will make more than 80, 3 pointers
Sharp will make more than 80, 3 pointers
Shead will avg 8 assists / gm and his best rebounding year to date. Knock down more than 50, 3 pointers
Arceneaux will break out and avg 11 pts / gm and rebound above 8 / gm
Roberts has best season to date and avg double digit rebounds and double digit points and he will crash double teams and will cause many turnovers.
Mylik will surprise everyone with most minutes played in a season for his career and dominate defensively, take care of the ball and have a little “Taze” in him… He will knock down shots when needed.
Walker will play more than one expects and his hustle and timely plays will be a factor at a higher level than his fresh year.
Tugler will spell Francis and Roberts and show the potential that he may well be the best defensive player that Sampson has had during his time coaching Houston. Will play important minutes throughout the year.
26-5 record prior to Conference tournament (assuming the early season tourney is not on schedule for second game…with winning those tourneys - 28-5 - go 1-1 with Kansas -


Also, if Lath learns to play with his strength and size, he might be hard to keep off the floor. Maybe to reactive on defensive at this stage.

  • Arceneaux will win 6th Man of the Year.
  • Mylik Wilson will play over 18 min / game once healthy.
  • Tugler will win Freshman of the Year.
  • Cryer will lead the nation in # of made 3’s / game.
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I think these predictions could all come true if we start playing 2 60 minute halfs instead of 30


Going to be hard for Francis to go 8/8/2 while also being replaced by Tugler.

Depends if he gets to proper defensive position, resulting in less fouling… Surely he will improve in that area. I mean it was obvious issue… He is hard worker so I think he will figure it out. He will get most minutes at his position in my opinion. He is a crazy athlete. Heck why wouldn’t we see Tugler and Francis together in some situations. Seems like some rim protection and guard the 3. Do you see that as a possibility? Shead, Sharp, Cryer, Tugler, Francis. We have so many good lineups.

Is that what happened before you woke up this morning?

$head shoots at least 37% from 3.
Top 10 offense in the country
Top 10 rebounds in the country

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Now that’s a bold prediction I can get behind!

My prediction: Houston Cougars make 2024 Final Four.


Houston wins Big 12 Tourney. Also, beats KU and UT 3/4 times.

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JoJo Rodman gonna average 13 boards a game!!!

:cold_face::cold_face::cold_face::cold_face: Hope you’re right!

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In the regular season, beat the Aggies, beat the Whorns 2 times, and split with Kansas.

UH makes Final Four.