Boo to USA today

they didn’t like us in the poll and now this insult

Nothing in that article was insulting. They just think we’re gonna lose. They’re wrong.


That’s the safe pick. They’ve already got the “P5” over us, plus we tend to implode when we play them. We’ve won plenty of games where the talking heads chose against us.

It’s a good thing that this year’s game has nothing to do with last year’s game let alone the one from twenty years ago.

This game is an independent event.


Yes, that’s not a bold prediction at all. What is insulting though is that when you scroll down the chart, the game isn’t even listed.

Yessir. I did notice that when looking at the picks.

I like that UH is not favored to win this one but a 3.5-pt dog on the road is respectable so it is a good sign for the Coogs. Definitely cannot be a case of over confidence or looking ahead (KU next week). Let’s see if UH can ball control to a W.

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That’s a luke warm milk kind of prediction.

Fake news

He’s right, back-to-back roadies are especially tough. Playing in Lubbock where ref’s flags rarely fall on the Red Raiders is especially problematic.

We’ve had better teams lose in Lubbock.

Betters have pushed it to Tech -4


Eat em up.

The biggest improvements always seem to come in week two.

Evidently they’re only picking games of teams ranked in their UST/Coaches poll, which UH dropped out of this week. Still, deserved to be a picked game. Two good teams with a narrow point spread

Is that just for us, or the other team too?