BOOM 2023 OT Jamall Franklin

Just a snapshot to show where OT his grade commit to

“I’m trying to do early enrollment,” he said. “I’m trying to get over there in January and have extra time to develop and get used to the school life.”


Fortify the trenches !!! Love this commit, let’s get Jones next :clap:


Awesome pick up.

He’s got 1st round talent written all over him and with hard work I can see him playing on sundays.

Welcome to the Coog family young man.


I assume this was a hint at this:


Looks like we beat out all the HBC…

Here’s the bookend.


Smart young man ! We like players like this,plus he is a two sport athlete!
Go Coogs !

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And Indiana, TT, Missouri, lot’s of HBCU’s…

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Welcome to the Coog family Jamall, I look forward to seeing you on the field.

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I don’t think he will be easy to miss.

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I also noticed he had back surgery last year that scared off most schools who were looking at him. It’s always a concern with back injuries, but I’m comfortable that our staff feels he’s fully recovered.

I’m also curious to see what our strength and conditioning program does to his body. I would expect he’d replace a lot fat with muscle with a net weight loss of 30-40 lbs.

I feel like back surgeries, like knee surgeries, have gotten so much better over the years. Sebastian Volmer had a back issue, healed, and played a nice career in the NFL for the Patriots.

Welcome aboard Mr. Franklin.


yup, Priority one, it’s the Offensive Line that can give the Defense the breathers and wear out the opponent’s defense.

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Plus he can redshirt year 1

Nice pick-up.


Yep. It’ll take probably 2 years to get his body ready for D1 so I hope Paul and whoever is on the other side stick around until their eligibility is used up. Probably wishful thinking for Paul. I like Dana’s determination to red-shirt O-linemen.

In 2 years after OL coaching and strength and conditioning have worked with him, he will be an absolute monster on OL!

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I was hoping that we could get him. This is a major step up for us.
What kind of back surgery was it and was it track & field related? I would like to know.