Boom! 4* OLB Nelson Ceaser commits to Houston (Update; Signed)

Another commit is going to happen as well. Wont say it publicity until he makes it official.


4 star recruit

Great get for Applewhite!


You beat me to it.

Chose Houston over Oklahoma, TCU, Tech, Nebraska, Iowa State, Arizona, Arkansas, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Purdue, Virginia, SMU, and UTSA


That’s a boom! Huge get!


We’ve now passed Memphis as the team with the highest average score in the conference among currently committed recruits.



The Ed Oliver effect has officially begun.


he will be playing the ‘buck’ LB position here. thats why i put “OLB” in the thread title even though he plays DE in HS

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Yes! Great news! Defense wins championships.

Told you applwhite would do fine in recruiting lol

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he still has to hang on to him.

I get the idea that you would rather UH lose than to have CMA be proven a good coach.

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what? if i wanted UH to lose i wouldnt be spending my money supporting the athletic department and getting season tickets for fb and basketball.

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Stars don’t matter.

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Who said they do ?..

For my eye, McMillan is the best recruit so far and he is rated next to lowest.

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You do like to cling to 20-year-old memes. They do and they don’t. You always want to get a really highly rated player; however, I’m not sure they matter that much when you’re talking two and three-star guys. You know the ratings are done by Internet guys, not college coaches. The team with the lowest star rating in the AAC is Navy. Somehow I doubt they’ll finish last in the conference in the rankings that actually count.

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Ranked #36 in Fab 55.

BTW Jimbo is cleaning up in state.

A&M has three of the Top 6, seven of the Top 30, and 12 of the Top 55.

Compare UT. Two of the Top 6, four of the Top 30 and six of the Top 55. UT has done well out of state to make up for it.

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Is too early, Red