BOOM! Aggie Transfer Commits to Coogs

Former 4* from Montgomery, AL


I wonder why he hasn’t seen the field in his freshman, or redshirt freshman years – even against patsies.


So, does he sit a year, play immediately or what?

I believe he will sit a year

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I don’t think they had that four-game rule where you keep your redshirt in his freshman year.

So I’m guessing he never saw the field by design his freshman year, or he’d lose the shirt.

Re redshirt freshman year, I’d guess Aggie’s probably a lot deeper at OL than us, and they put their second team in the patsy games.

His freshman year was the same as Tune’s who lost his redshirt because he played his 5th game in the bowl game against Army.

Regardless, if CDH wants him, that’s good enough for me. Besides, just because one coach didn’t play a guy doesn’t mean he isn’t any good. Joe Burrow didn’t play for 3 years at Ohio State, yet he did OK at LSU.


You’re right. That rule started in 2018. I forgot about that.

I mean, if he was in the two-deep he wouldn’t be leaving the SEC for the G5. That’s how it works and why he is transferring.

WOW! What a big time recruit! Offered by 12 SEC schools and 6 ACC schools! Love this news!

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Four Star recruit. Great news.


Concerned because a freshman didn’t play?

Hard to see how a kid from Alabama wouldn’t care for college station. Lol

You got to love a player named Tank.