BOOM Beau Clewett


Presuming we are bringing him in as a defensive back…when is he eligible? Is he a walk on?

He is a walk on that may play QB or something else. He throws a nice longball.

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yeah he does…He plays all over the field…Plays basketball too

Walk on.

He also plays WR and i think DB. What his position here is anyone’s guess.

Smart kid and since Belk recruited him I’m thinking DB, regardless glad to have him as a Coog!


Whatever he plays, I am pulling for him just as I am for all walk on players. Those guys work their tails off for love of the game.


He is a DB

Smart ! How in the heck does Beau get a 4.2 in a 4.0 system ? I want to see this young Coog Succeed . He has the potential to be a tremendous ambassador for our great University !
Go Beau !
Go Coogs !


You can get a 4.2 by acing AP courses.


Another year of HS?

When i was in school the IB students got a 5.0 for an A, most had GPAs above 4.0


Pretty standard now. Had a kid on my scholar athlete head table who had enough AP courses to start college with an associates degree.

Jake Sock, our walkon QB, had a similar GPA.


My son was in an IB program and finished with a 4.87/4.0 and had 36 hours of college credit.


Thanks for clearing this up for this old Coog !

4.87 out of 5.0?

Beau knows.



Prob was equivalent of 5.0, weighted extra for AP / IB / honors / etc courses (like the one dude a couple posts up said about IB), but they didn’t call it that. My kid graduated 2020, and it was similar deal where you get 5 grade points for an A in ap class vs 4 in a regular class (5.0 scale)
For scholarships they normalized it down to a true 4 pt scale where no one can score more than 4.0.

I guess kids could get extra credit and score like a 120 in every class they take, then I suppose it could be like a 4.75 on a 4.0 scale?

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