BOOM! DL Nico Ezidore from Garland commits

Can’t find a recruiting page, but he had offers from Tulsa and UTSA as well as a number of FCS schools. Kid has some size on him and should be able to get over 300 easily to be that big guy in the middle down the line. 4th DL in the class.

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Yay, another no-star nobody to add to our growing collection.

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Good Lord! Please tell me you aren’t serious. These guys haven’t played a down of college football and you’re already convinced they can’t play and that Applewhite, with loads of experience in recruiting, can’t evaluate talent.


I can see why’ve Applewhite recruited this guy. He is big and can MOVE! Lots of potential.


Get yourself ready for this type of fan when we lose a game next year.


He’ll probably be an offensive lineman in college.

I think he is not the only one that may play a different position in college. Remember Noble was a no name 2star OT but had played center earlier in his career.

I’m so old I remember when UH would beat out big boys for 3 and 4-star talent. But hey, 25 diamonds in the rough will work out just fine, I’m sure.


Geeze Lawdog.

I bet you are tons of fun to party with.


What a disgusting thing to say about a young man that is willing to come play for our program. Pretty cowardly as I am sure you don’t have the guts to tell him to his face.


Yes, it’s completely apples to apples to compare current teams to the days when we were in a power conference.

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This kid has a Tulsa offer.

Eight months before signing day, 9 of 14 commits have at least one other offer from an AAC/MWC school or better. Four of them have P5 offers. 5 are underrecruited at this point.

While this is more “diamonds in the rough” than usual at this stage, two things are different this year:

  1. The Big 12 shut the door on expansion. Our coaches can’t sell that like they did the last two classes (until October last year).

  2. The early signing period creates some different incentives this year. Some good articles online about it.

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Would it be more reasonable if he was comparing this class to our 2012, 2013 and 2014 classes?

I think it’s unreasonable to assume we know anything about any of these kids at this point. We won’t have a clue how any of these kids are going to perform until they step onto the field. If we’re expecting to load up with 4 and 5 star players every year with no current hope of joining a power conference, that’s unreasonable. It’s not necessarily unreasonable to compare this class (once finalized, not in June) to 2012-2014, but to assume anyone knows how any of these kids are going to pan out based on star ratings is absurd.


That’s fine, but then the opposite applies. It’s unreasonable to expect everyone to get excited as well.

We’re not forcing anyone to post positive reviews on kids.

Yo, Lawdog, you never know what kind of treasure you may find in a yard sale.

Put trust in CMA and co until proven otherwise is my thoughts. It’s nice that we are getting players early. The alternative would be scary.

If the staff is offering these guys in May and June with signing day seven months away, it’s because they’ve evaluated the talent and believe they can add value to the team. It tells me they are working their tails off finding talent rather than simply referring to recruiting service rankings.