Boom. Done deal!

Joking but incase people haven’t seen this dude. Dude is unbelievable good


Better highlight reel

Is this one of 92’s cousins?

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Future Rocket?

Rockets have a 14% chance….same as Spurs and Pistons….then next is Charlotte I think at like 11 or 12 % and it goes down from there.

Hypothetical question. What would y’all do if the rockets get the 3rd pick and take Brandon Miler? They currently have the same percentage as San Antonio for the 2nd and 3rd pick. Would you be able to root for him alongside Alabama fans that become Rocket fans? I don’t really watch the NBA so I don’t care. I just pay attention to former UH guys.

LoL the Rockets and Texans need to talk to the Astros on how to properly tank a season. That dude looks unreal good and I think only 19.

The Rockets have properly tanked. They have the best odds of anyone in the lottery to get Wemby; unfortunately those odds top out at 14%.

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Oh my mistake, I thought they won too many games and their lottery odds dropped.

I’m personally a lot softer on pro athletes than I am on college athletes when it comes to crimes, mostly because I’m pretty exhausted with it and partly because pro teams aren’t housed on college campuses. Sure, Brandon Miller was partly responsible for a murder. Derrick Rose was allegedly involved in a gang rape. John Wall is probably gang affiliated. Ron Artest got in a fight with a fan, and the facts in Kobe’s rape case were pretty incriminating. But at the end of the day, they’re all really just employees of a company, and companies I spend money on every day hire way worse people, even if they’re not as visible. Idk, it’s complicated.


Funny thing is Wembi could probably gain a lot from just one year under Bishop’s development program

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I dont think hes lifting weights because of risk on injuring himself. He has a team that tell him which exercises are the best to avoid a serious injury because of height.

If he didn’t have the off the court issues he is the number 3 pick for sure.

We don’t really need one of the Thompson brothers……So I would say Vet the crap out of Miller….if you hear what you want then take him……if not, see if anyone else likes him or one of the Thompsons and wants to move up…trade down a few spots and grab Jarace….let him work his way into the rotation……he’s got time to develop……I have seen JW at #6 on two credible mocks…so don’t trade back to far……but you could probably pick up an extra 1 a couple years down the line.

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There have been rumors that if the Rockets end up at #3 or later they might trade the pick.

Alan Bishop is the best at this. But I’m pretty sure he’ll gain some muscle with whatever NBA team he gets with. He’s super young and pretty much been growing the whole time. Hard to get thick in that situation.

It would be so Rockets if the Spurs got the first pick


I actually expect the spurs to get it. I think the NBA wants their brand to get back to being good again.

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If Victor or Scoot aren’t there, trade down.

Running a lot of Tank-a-thons show Walker going top 6. Nice. 2023 NBA Mock Draft & Simulator | Tankathon

I would do as I always do, I would continue to support the Coogs, watch college basketball, and ignore pro basketball. I can’t tell you who is on the Rockets right now and haven’t watched a pro game since Olajuwon retired.


Trade for a star player. Jaylen Brown type player.