Boom! Sam Brown commits

RudyT-- run it again , run it again.

I think we will hold back a couple of openings for late qualifiers and transfers after spring training. A lot of teams will have new coaches and after spring training, players may decide they don’t like or fit the new system.

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The problem with over the next 2 weekends is if they don’t announce soon-- portal transfers-- then they’ll more than likely be staying at their current school for Spring semester n won’t be able to go through Spring camp w Coogs. Big deal for most. That’s why you’re seeing all the action of course last week or so across the College Football landscape. We shall see.

Yup. I agree. 5-7 seems like a big number, but I think it could happen.

As long as we get the CB, WR, and 2-3 OL in during this next wave, then we’re good.

That’s all I really see as an immediate need for next season.

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Business is business.


I think another good running back would be nice in case of injuries.

Make it so

Don’t forget
Street — RSFR. 6’3”
Morgan —SO. 6’2”
Edmunds — FR. 6’4”. I see him on your list

And MCCoy the Juco commit, hoping he makes it in

Ben, the roster faked me out. I sorted it by position and was only looking at WR. They are lised as IR not WR and didn’t show with that group. Until McCoy signs, I won’t list him.

Yeah , that is how I knew . It faked me out one time

I loved slammin’ Sammy Brown. Dude layed the wood. As much as our defenses were maligned during that era, it seemed like there were some really good defensive players. I don’t know. Could be wrong. Micah Malone. I loved that guy.


Looks like we are loaded with receivers! :+1:

Good size and 4.4 per HUDL.

can any of those receivers become defensive backs?

Well… he looks ALL WORLD in his high school highlights.

#8 Sammy Brown. I remember beating them in 2011 at Tulsa Thanksgiving weekend and having all of my mom’s family there.

I hollered at him late 4th quarter and he turned around and gave the coog sign. Good game, especially the 2nd half.


We are in “business” all that mAtters to me.

Mike the guy looks pretty fast as broke into the open ! I am glad he is coming to UH !
Go Coogs !

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School starts Tuesday Jan 18. The LAST day to get enrolled in a class for the semester is one week later Jan 25. We basically need to have a player in and enrolled in a week.

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