More out there like OL pounding expensive steaks at a TFs property.


This is a significant development for UH’s NIL. I will be watching for any potential blowback from other universities alleging conflict of interest. I am sure Fertitta and his team of lawyers have looked into the issue.

I would caution other universities to look in the mirror before throwing out conflict of interest allegations.



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There isn’t a coach or athletic director that doesn’t cry poor about nil. I don’t think I have seen a single one say they are pleased and think they have enough money.


this is great news, I assumed he might be barred from NIL because of the board position
landrys feeding the oline, defense eating at the kemah boardwalk…i think there are some good commercials coming :wink:

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This is almost a year old. Look at the date on the tweet


Because BMDs, who support NIL, hold the head coaches accountable for their ROI.



So do we…among those schools, we probably

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Seriously doubt any State U of a Big 10 conference has less NIL than us

B1G 10 schools weren’t on his final list…UTSA and Baylor were

Is Melton the early favorite in the annual OL vs DL steak eating contest at Taste of Texas? With the beef CWF is bringing in, owner Edd Hendee may need to take out a loan.

Just need valid NIL contracts in place. Forget board position, etc.
Fair % of the huge NIL guys in the SEC are on their board also.

The players contract for NIL as individuals. UH is not a part of the actual agreement.

Unless being on the team to get paid is in NIL contract, players who quit still have to be paid.
See QB Myles Brennan quitting LSU football & Baton Rouge car dealers, etc still paid for his NIL.

A conflict of interest from TFs board position.
-Awarding of the UH dining concessions solely to TF.
-TF getting the contract to build another hotel on campus without open bid process.

TF can light players cigars w $100 bills & hand out thousands Odell Beckam style at LSUs last natty if the paperwork is right. (would need NIL with however gets handed $)

Wade Phillips in on the fun last time.


I would like the AD to consider opening an “NIL Shop” on campus where player’s brands can be sold and earn money on each sale. Much like the Apple store, UH AD would get a cut to cover costs and the players make the majority of the sale.

Not sure if that could be allowed under current rules.


That’s actually an amazing idea

Have you heard of Tilman Fertitta and Mattres Mac… ?

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Don’t they already do this for basketball or is it just online? I think I’ve seen them somewhere like the bookstore last fall.

They have college teletext section but it’s only basketball for men and women . I’m pretty sure if their name is on it they get some of the proceeds

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Love the idea. Probably one for the UH Compliance Department. If the contracted NIL company leased space at TDECU and sold UH apparel during games, why not?

Excellent idea Coach ! That way UH gets a cut and we control some of the market. As far as legal or not our Legal Beagles on this board could better advise. I am one who feels that if not expressly prohibited by the Rule …then go for it !
Go Coogs!