Bowl Game

I am pissed that FanSided presumes Cougars Fans would want Oliver to play in a Bowl game at this point. I won’t go off again on the SEC Championship except to say that 2nd half looked like scripted committee BS. At least the “Bad Boy “ Bowl has a cool name. See ya next year. Enjoy the real “lesser” Bowl Games that don’t reek of corporate malfeasance and PAC 12 executive replay. Yes I know the legendary coaches that I reference here.

My “FanSided” prediction. Notre Dame will miraculously defeat Clemson and Alabama…Because it’s good for America and “The System “:rofl: I just had a birthday. I am an old fart in my mid-50’s just so all of the young Coogs know. I was in the Dome in the late 70’s, a student in the 80’s, an alumni from then on. I have watched/attended and taken my son to a lot of UH games. I love college football and have watched countless…well you can imagine. That 1979 Cotton Bowl was real. It was unbelievable but in perspective it was the rise of Joe Montana though the West Coast Offense wasn’t even known at the time. I have a problem with “The trajectory of this System. Pay these players so at least games like the SEC championship and rankings don’t expect us to check our brains at the gate. Who wants in that PAC 12 racket? I am fine being a AAC Member in this “System “ for now. It smells better.

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I hope the Irish beat the Clemson. I don’t want to see Alabama vs Clemson part 4 or 5

Oof…stop reading FanSided, you’ll just continue to make yourself upset.


Or consider that there are fans that assume correctly that a certain player should play! Imagine that! No scarlet colored glasses may allow folks to see things more clearly.

That’s fine; you’re entitled to your opinion.

I mean, the kid isn’t getting paid or anything and college is meant to get people ready for their next job in life, not hold them into some kind of indentured servitude that forces all students to finish their degree and be at the whims of their superiors. But, I guess that’s just me having “scarlet-colored glasses” and not looking at a kid’s future instead of forcing him out there against his will to play at less than 100% for my University.

Are you just as upset that the coach that recruited Oliver wasn’t held to the same standard that you want to hold the player to even though he had years left on his contract? What about the AD that was here and also had years left on his contract? What if Ed donates some of his salary (which he is likely to do) back to the University and that money ends up covering the cost of his scholarship and more? Will your opinion change? What if he played and had a career ending injury and never made it to the NFL to make that money? Would you be willing to help reimburse him for that?


Agreed and nothing to add here. I have been down the path of this discussion before. No point in continuing.

In a very real sense, Ed is getting paid and his salary is equal to the free education that he receives in turn for his services. Yes, he will make much more when he goes to the NFL. I hope he gets a ton of money. If he gives money back to UH (and you have no idea how likely that is) that will be great. I hope he does because UH made him relevant and gave him the opportunity to make that money. What could Ed have accomplished for the UNIVERSITY had he stayed? We will never know.
The thing about scarlet glasses it doesn’t allow the capacity for someone to think for themselves, it has all scarlet colored answers ready for them. No thought necessary. If that works for someone wearing scarlet colored glasses then good for them and God bless them.
By the way, I’m right behind you when it comes time to pay Ed for anything.
Go Coogs!

I think the CFP hears you. They gotta spread the wealth.

UH didn’t make him relevant, he was already relevant as a top 5 high school recruit. NFL scouts have been drooling over him before he started playing for UH and he was considered to be a 1st round pick after his 1st year at UH. If the NFL didn’t have their age rule, he would have been drafted after his 1st year in college.

As far as the salary and education, I agree, he received that money. However, if any other college student is able to make 7 figures, they would be allowed to leave and no one would bat an eye. Only athletes are held to a different standard by some that selfishly want that person on the field/court/etc.

He could have snapped his leg like Mackenzie Milton did, lost his draft position due to having to sit out a year or longer, and lost a ton of money. He could have also helped UH get to the NY6 bowl. Big range of possibilities. However, he made a decision that most kids in college would have made without a thought.

Got it…anybody that disagrees with you has no ability to think for themselves. Everyone should think for themselves and agree with you, otherwise, the have “scarlet-colored” glasses on. Makes a ton of sense :roll_eyes:

I asked you if you were willing to reimburse Ed if he got hurt playing in the bowl game since you want him to play. This, I guess, is your answer to that question, but it isn’t intelligent or thoughtful. You simply used the “I know you are, but what am I” tactic. I expected more from you.

Go Coogs!!

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In order:
Ed became nationally known as a Houston Cougar NOT any other team college or pro. He will forever be a Houston Cougar and achieved national recognition that will allow him access to a future as a pro football as a Houston Cougar. That’s Cougar relevance baby like it or not.
Yes, I hold college athletes to a higher standard. No problem with that.
Yes, there are a wide range of possibilities including not getting hurt, recovering from an injury, playing next year, help us to a NC, Win the Heisman or a number of other awards. He chose to move on early. I’m just saying he could play, remove doubt being injured and improve his value. The likelihood is greater than getting hurt but I hear you saying he could have come out after 1 year. You are OK with that and I’m not. I can live with that but some folks can’t accept the difference of opinion. Are you one of those? If so, then if the scarlet covered glasses fit, I support your right to wear them. I’m not necessarily wrong if I disagree.
Since my response regarding the possibility of “repaying” a player in the event of an injury was too obtuse for some let me try to give an exact answer to a ridiculous question. No! No I am not willing to contribute to a players loss of potential income while they are playing for UH or anybody else and I’m certain you would not participate either. More to the point, the player shouldn’t expect it and shouldn’t play AT ALL if they are worried about getting hurt. Lots of NFL careers went in the dumpster for lots or reasons with injuries being the primary one. It’s a risk you take. I’m not in favor of any player in any sport saying “I think I have played enough, I don’t want to get hurt”. Again, that’s just me. You don’t like it and don’t agree. No problem here. Why does it make you so mad?
Go Coogs!