Bowl Projections after Week 1, 2018

Prognosticators have Houston in the Gasparilla against UAB or the Birmingham against Army

Jerry Palm has us in the Frisco Bowl against Toledo

USA Today has us in the Frisco against BYU

Sports Illustrated doesn’t think we’ll make a bowl apparently

God our bowl tie ins are depressing lol

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Holy crap! It’s freaking week 1!!! The only thing more ludicrous than poll rankings prior to Week 5 are bowl projections prior to Week 5. Do these people seriously have nothing better to do with their time???

Birmingham Bowl is watching:

In all truth, they are better than the rest of the non-P5. That’s how sad it has gotten, and people think we, or any other of about 80 teams, would have a shot at the playoff.

You not only have to be in the P5, you have to be a name brand school.

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When we go on a 10-0 tear in these “lesser than”, “depressing” bowls, then we can start belly aching.


Since Ed has stated that he will play in a bowl game, I am sure most would love to have him featured in their bowl. Let’s hope UH ends up in a Party-like bowl in the Arizona desert…


Too bad a certain chip company doesn’t sponsor it anymore because I’d be eating a ton of them on the way to that bowl game if the Cougars made it there. I do have the game system that now sponsors it, but there’s no NCAA Football game anymore.

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