Bowl Schedule is out

Slim pickings for the AAC as always.

I wish we had more bowls for college football (sarcasm).

Bowl games seem to multiply faster than my son’s gerbils

If I remember right, they had to put a temporary halt on adding bowls as there were actually more that were being proposed (one was an AAC tie-in over in Austin against a Sun Belt team).

Live Sports: people watch it even if they’re complaining about it.

I enjoyed the Peach Bowl very much and would not mind going back there this year; but I’m looking forward us going to the Sugar Bowl instead – even though it will mean a second trip to New Orleans in the same season. NO can be a lot of fun.

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We can’t go to the Sugar Bowl, it’s locked in for the Big 12 and SEC.

Only NY6 Bowls we can go to are the Cotton, Peach,and Fiesta.