Bowlsby going after ESPN

Sleazy commissioner issued a cease and desist order to the Death Star Network over collusion with another sleazy commissioner. Which commissioner is the sleaziest of all.


This will be an ugly divorce. And I for one welcome it.


Sankey and ESPN are hoping they picked up all of the bread crumbs Big 12 lawyers will be sniffing for


ESPN might say ______off!
We talk to whomever we want when our product is at stake and our product (AAC) is at risk.

In regards to specific schools, ESPN might also say we’ve been talking to them for years. They asked us where they would be most valuable. This is a continuation of that discussion.

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Instead of Bowlsby dog and pony show, We should require him to go Tilman and beg wearing nothing but a silk tie and wingtips. Of course Mickey Mouse has to choose Houston. ESPN SANKEY now has to deal with all of the other power conferences who probably don’t appreciate getting their agendas messed up without their consent.


All the back stabbing Big 12 schools in Texas deserve every bit of misfortune heading their way.


Yep. Bowlsby is turning them into a pariah.