Bowlsby on Big 12 future and expansion

Feels like the Big 12 is always crafting propaganda around their league. Now that they are small, they are agile, but need others to join their league. Who do they think they will attract?

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Complete nonsense…OU and Texas are leaving, and probably others if they are able, when GOR comes close to expiration…Trying to claim stability is spitting in the wind…


Not just one but three big invisible elephants in the room with Bowlsby …

THE BIGGEST ELEPHANT is the future of OU and UT maybe in the conf. … neither wants an extension of those GORs pretty much signalling that the horizon looks grim with one or both adios’ing from the league

No mention of the once hopeful Big12 network WHICH also doesn’t fare well that there will be a future if their top guns leave

Baylor is still biting the bullet investigation/clearance-wise from the NCAA …


Bowlsby makes a strange statement that in spite of all the unknowns for their future that their conference is ah great place to be so much so that others will want to come an join them ???

Who exactly wants to join and why were the candidates two years ago sent packing when they clearly wanted to join … strange …


Whistling past the graveyard “ain’t gonna” save his job, but that’s OK; give it a go anyway!


Anybody reading the lame comments in that article, even b12 members, has got to be rolling their eyes. That conference is making more money than the P12 and it is more of a laughing stock than the P12. The P12 has the stability of never breaking up. B12 not wanting to sign extensions screams of instability.

They’re trying to attract other P5s if they expand. But their preference would be no more P5 expansion ever because they are dividing their rights check by the smallest number, ten.

Probably trying to woo over schools like Arizona/Arizona St or Colorado more than any of the G5 outsiders

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They’ll only expand if UT and OU see their pay packets grow by a nice chunk. Otherwise no matter whose available, they won’t expand.

Follow the money!


Bring in the Business School to help develop a strategy to truly commercialize our products.

“I think what we have to do is make our league the best we can be and in doing so cause people to want to come and join us, not the other way around,” he said.

That’s not saying they are going to expand. Focus on the last bit. It’s a defensive statement and he’s clearly worried about UT and OU leaving.


Here’s a Hint…
If their lips are moving, they are lying…


Why anyone cares what this waste of protoplasm says or the big 12 is beyond me. They suck.


Sounds like a vote of confidence which is usually the beginning of the end.

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They will never choose us. Barry Switzer explained it: Recruiting.


I agree. I don’t see the current B12 expanding. Without a B12 network they won’t get the millions in subscription fees for new territory to justify new schools like Arizona. Arizona probably would not bring in $40M per year to cover itself plus a couple million for each existing B12 school.

I’m with you Northern…the faster they all fall down, the better. We got jilted (twice) by these liars. Let’s move on to better things, which is ANY OTHER P5 CONFERENCE…


JESUS, who ever said we WANTED to be chosen by that bedraggled conference?? This is about what PAC, B1G and ACC do when OU and whorn bail…WAKE UP!!! This has NEVER been about Big 12…Its about getting into a stable, viable P5…B1G, ACC, PAC… Talk to your AD…He will be glad to tell you…

Honestly, the way things are currently in the P5, I won’t relax unless we are PAC or ACC. The B12 I don’t trust at all, they will stab us in the back in some way first chance they get. B10 SEC I just see those as “too good to be true” scenarios and would be concerned they would break into tiers or divisions that relegate the non-original/blue blood members in some way.

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B12 will expand if the networks will pay for the added value of the new schools. They won’t be divvying up the existing pot by the two additional schools so that each school takes in less than they are taking now. That’s not how it works. Any conference expansion seeks to add value in the network’s eyes so they will pay. Its a crappy system how the networks ($) are controlling CFB

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