Bowlsby on expansion

Take it for FWIW. I do tend towards believing that the Big 12 may have reached some sort of stable equilibrium, at least for the next 7 years, provided none of the other P5 make any moves.

The big 12 may end up being the long term winners.

During the expansion farce many posters here were predicting the end of the big 12. Some still do.

The big 12 has a better chance at the playoffs and this year has 7 teams in bowls.

They are in the drivers seat and trail only the big10 and sec in per team revenue.

The NCAA did not help mattersa by allowing them to be the only conference with 10 teams and no two divisions.


That’s fine. Im honestly glad we are not in the Big 12. I like the conference we are in as UH along with the conference have had a strong media presence over the last few years and are continuing to grow. If realignment happens in the future, UH is in an excellent position to move up to the next level. As long as we have strong leadership, UH is gonna be just fine.


Would he come out and say “we messed up by not expanding”? Probably not. He is going to say whatever fits his narrative. If you are not named UT or OU, I would be concerned about making the CFP.


I am a lil suspicious of those who come out HAVING to state that everything is hunky dory like an Alfred E. Neuman always stating … WHAT me Worry!!!

Bowlsby knows the handwriting is on the wall … either OU or Texas are heading for greener pastures as soon as the GORs dwindle down to pennies in the bucket … OR … some major shift in the playoffs … OR … any seismic occurrence affecting DivIA

And Bowlsby hasn’t exactly been one of the best commish to grace the Big12 … probably one of the worse leadership-wise


It would’ve helped if OU hadn’t make the Playoff. The title game sure cemented it for them this year.


Well that and Alabama beating Georgia …

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if they just expand playoffs and atleast give a single G5 a for sure pathway to the playoffs, then I could care less about joining a P5 discounting the money we would get.

Giving one G5 team an absolute chance would change everything in terms of recruiting.


In addition to that, they should also guarantee the next ranked G5 team with no worse than a record of 12-1, a NY6 bowl.

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What will that jackass say after Sooner and Jayhawk bail in a few years, with whorn right behind them???
He doesnt know the MEANING of the word stability, or more likely, just ignores and pretends to keep believing what he says…there IS NO STABILITY in the Big 12!!!

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UH moved the needle, the wrong way vote-wise, not because we wouldn’t be a worthy addition to the league but because the Oklahoma and Kansas schools did not want a strong UH to compete against. As stated above, what else is he supposed to say? Last time he opened his mouth, he opened the expansion pandora’s box that ended in egg in the face for the B12, as ‘stable’ as they have been afterwards

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As long as teams don’t get poached the AAC has a lot to offer and is gaining momentum fast. 3 NY6 bowl wins to no losses and another opportunity coming. I think its very possible the AAC beats either AAC, B12, or Pac12 in football RPI overall in the the next two years. It actually led the B12 for much of 2016 if I recall correctly (could have been the P12 or both).

Hit this page up…then scroll back in time to see realtimes season ending conf RPI. The AAC only got beat once by the MWC since became a conference and that was as an 11 team conference. Then go back to the year before we joined the AAC and see what what our conference RPI was…oy…

Plus the AAC has a Mens hoops NC by UConn and UH mens hoops looking FANTASTIC right now. Future is bright.


Texas or OU aren’t going anywhere until 2025. That’s when Bowlsbys contract as commissioner ends. I doubt he cares what happens after that. Currently he is heading a conference that’s producing solid tv ratings, has a team in the football playoffs, and one in an NY6 bowl, is not too far behind its peers in revenues. The Big 12 probably sees him as being quite successful and good for the conference.

Tales of the big 12’s demise are premature.

Posters didn’t think the big 12 would be allowed to get a championship game, and they did.

Pundits claimed fewer teams would diminish the odds the big 12 would qualify for CFP inclusion, yet they are in AGAIN.

The small footprint was supposed to be a death knell for recreating the SWC yet their income is very good, with tier 3 as added revenue to boot.

The big 12 very well may survive.

“Not 1 school got 8 votes” wonder how many got 7.

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All I know Alabama is going to kill them in the playoffs. Alabama’s defense will stop their QB game over.


None. They never even took a vote.

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Endlessly posting about Big 12 expansion is a total waste of thought and time.

The easiest path for National rankings and big Bowl berths is by making The AAC a “Power 6” conference.

We should court teams which have a decent following, National rankings, and TV sets.

BYU is an obvious choice. Start there. Ask Maryland and Rutgers how they enjoy Big 10 life.Maybe they want to return to The Big East’s replacement conference?

But whatever just DO SOMETHING.