Boy Scouts becomes “Scouting America”


are the Girl Scouts continuing to be called Girl Scouts?

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As far as I know, yes.

I wonder how much of their potential membership has been taken away by the new “coed” scouting.

They’re different groups. Our BS troop had a Girls Troop attached but run separately. There’s a market for it. They go through the same requirements of badges and nights on the ground.

I think the Scouts in general have a conservative-ish/military personality to begin with, so I doubt this changes much of anything

Girl Scouts will always be seen as a safespace for girls. That’s why there are sororities, because fraternities and societies for most of history were male only

That being said, I guess I understand the change in the context of modern culture wars

Yeah, there’s one Catholic Church in Katy that had a boys’ Scout troop, a girls’ Scout troop, and a Girl Scout USA troop.

I wonder how different the Girl Scout USA programming is (other than cookies vs popcorn of course).

I’ve noticed that some Catholic Churches are ditching both in favor of Trail Life (boys) and American Heritage Girls (girls) though.

My son achieved the Eagle Scout ranking. He loved being a scout. We had great times as a family in that organization. My daughter was a Girl Scout, which she also liked very much. But it always seemed the boys were doing more interesting and cool things. Maybe it’s the troops they were part of.

I think my daughter would have hung just as well with the boys…and likely would have done much better than some of them.

As for the name change…I really don’t have much of an opinion. Maybe my son would.

Again though.

I wonder how many girls that would be Girl Scouts will now join this other scouting group instead.

I mean, I cannot imagine that this would be good for Girl Scout USA’s business, right?

It’s sort of one of those confusing, catch 22 things

Many “girls-only” organizations were responses to historical “boys-only” organizations.

However, now that gender is becoming irrelevant in the west, boys-only societies are beocoming more inclusive to allow women and transgender

but then you have this other community who values “safe-spaces”, and feel it’s just another power grab to control what women can/can’t do or should/shouldn’t do.

Is it wrong if women want to remain in “women-only” spaces? If not, then why can’t men protect “men-only” spaces?

The argument just goes in circles

Looks like GSA has broken away from the conservative tradition 3rd ward alluded to. From last year.

so the Girl Scouts allow boys?

Wtf lol

I got the “allyship” part.

But have the Girl Scouts ever said that they will actually admit boys as members, the same way that the group formerly known as the Boy Scouts now admits all as members, as opposed to merely being LGBTQ+ allies?

That’s a different thing altogether.

Will the Girl Scouts remain single gender as far as membership is concerned?

If so, then will they lose members to the new “all eligible” Scouting America as a result?

If so, then it appears that Trail Life and American Heritage girls will be the alternatives for parents that what their kids in a single gender and more religiously oriented uniformed outdoor adventure youth group.

Our Troop 72G was a thriving 30 person girl only group. The boys (troop 72) share facilities and camping trailer but they’re separate. They might camp in the same place but they’re quite separate.

I see the Girl Scout kids being more likely to join sororities in college than the Scouting America girls.

Is there also a separate single-gender Girl Scout USA entity at the same place?

If transgender includes both MTF and FTM, then why wouldn’t the Girl Scouts allow cis-Men?

Don’t FTM transgender people want to be treated as if they were biological men?

Entire thing makes no sense

Nope. This was supported by local Methodist church. The boys troop agreed to share space with a new girls troop.

My daughter got GS Gold through another all girl troop.

I see.

No one has attempted to set up Trail Life or American Heritage girls there?

I suppose it’s possible for MTF to join Girl Scouts. It rather depends on how welcoming the troop is and the personality of the trans female.

Nope. Takes a lot of work to create these new organizations and need to convince the sponsoring church or organization.