Bracket Post

This is an emotional choice for a bracket, but really don’t think it’s that crazy! Been a fan of Duke since I started playing basketball, and a UH alumn.



Looks a lot like mine aside from the fact you have the final game result inverted :grin:


LSU with the suspended coach and Purdue with the slumping star are interesting picks for the elite 8, but it is March Madness so anything goes.

Duke is Duke their on TV more dan leave it to bevah reruns.


i don’t think fsu beats zags either

make a new one, temple is out lol

I like FSU in the tournament this year. They got better the last couple months, play stout D, and have good size. Also did well in the tournament last year.

Legend-- Pete Gillen

Back in the day Virginia had Polynice. We had Olajuwon. And Duke was Duke.

Nice to see the image of The H there with those guys again.

Can definitely see us beating teams like Kentucky and North Carolina on an average day. Don’t think we can be Virginia unless we play like we did at Cincy and Virginia plays like we did in the conference tourney final.

Just did mine. The path on my bracket includes beating Iowa state, Kentucky, UNC, Virginia, and Duke by one for the championship… will be a tough road if true.


We need to play like the Cincy game and have six teams play like UConn. That would be ok.

We were always going to have to beat the best…all of them.

I just want us to make a deep run. May not be completely young but our team has a young mentality. Last year’s team seemed to develop a veteran mentality at the end.


Looks good, but put FSU over LSU.