Bracketology 2024

The ACC has fallen off a cliff….very top heavy.

Just like the Big 10.

If that was actually our bracket it would be a pretty easy ride to the Sweet 16.

We would beat the 8/9 by 15-25 points because we are too athletic and our defense is just to good.

South Carolina would be a game the Coogs would have to play well and actually shoot the ball a little.

Colorado St. and Wisconsin would be potential tough ones for different reasons but Coogs would advance.

That leaves a battle with Tennessee to get to the Final

Just random thoughts.


Funny enough, I think K-State deserves to be in too. They have a decent resume so far. I would take them over Michigan State, Mississippi State, Utah, and South Florida, probably even Florida.

K-State’s main issue is their metrics are atrocious compared to the average bubble team

If their NET was at 56 rather than 76 I think they sit comfortably as a 10 seed rather than 4-6th team out

Weird how they’re so low. How did UCF get above them?! I still don’t fully understand the NET. For instance, Arizona is above UCONN despite having less Q1 wins and a Q2 and Q3 loss (while UCONN has none). How does that happen? What’s the justification here?

@Coogfanstreif im not a NET expert. But basically blow out the bad teams & dont lose to bad teams and your NET should be decent

Kansas St NET is bad because:

*Barely beat Bellarmine (8pt win)

*Barely beat Oral Roberts (OT win)

*Barely beat North Alabama (1pt win)

*Barely beat Wichita St (9pt win)

*Barely beat Chicago St (7pt win)

*And they lost to USC early, wich turned out as a bad loss. USC is terrible

All these games against bad teams at Home. If you dont win by 20+, its gonna hurt your metrics, your NET ranking


This would be one of the more tricky brackets to navigate that I have seen.

Would prefer this. A UH UVA second round could end up a game of 1st to 45 wins.

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Definitely a weird year:

*Washington St - 9 seed

*South Carolina- 4 seed

*Utah St - 6 seed

*Indiana St - 9 seed

Im not a huge fan of the Mountain West Conference. They’re currently getting 6 bids

No Arkansas, UCLA, Indiana, Michigan, Villanova, USC

Teams you usually see in the tournament


Lunardi’s updated South Region


Gimme that bracket all day


Rematch with A&M in the Elite 8 in Dallas will be something else


Eh I mean… do they even make it past TCU? I’d look for Duke or Marquette to make it through that section and we would feast against either one.


UH-Quinnipiac E8 would be elite! :fire: :fire: :fire:


Don’t hate that bracket.

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Just checked on (updated yesterday).

Purdue, UConn, and UH are listed as #1 seeds on all of the brackets.

I would be shocked if the Coogs were not a #1 seed on the top 16 bracket reveal on Saturday.

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For sure they will. Can’t lose btw now & Saturday. I have them coming in as 3rd overall Team in Seeding list… behind UConn & Purdue.

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Let’s make sure UH gets a projected #1 seed on Saturday by beating the burnt orange out of UT.


The early Projections for Top 16 seeds will be released on CBS before the UT vs UH game on Saturday


Easy Breezy……same thing I was thinking.