Brady Returns To Bucs

Guess that family life was too much!

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Move over Brett Favre

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“I’m going to take some time to be with my family.”

“Ok. I’m good.”


Good for him.

Wasn’t feeling it at home and not his football routine so family says keep playing dad.

Led the league in passing yards and TD’s….still something in the tank I’d say.


That’s what was so puzzling. Why leave when you were arguably the best in the game and had a punchers chance of toppling the eventual league champs. He would have spent an eternity with ‘what if’s’ had he not played another year. He’ll have a host of teams offering bids for him this fall. Hopefully San Francisco or Oakland, his hometown teams.


In other news, grass is green, sky is blue, and Memphis is still salty. :grinning:

Karma has way of dealing with this.

Maybe Giselle said go back to work!

I could see Brady being super annoying at home. Lol

It’s better to burn out
Than to fade away

Neil Young

I believe he’s still under contract with TB.

Father times comes back

Guess the price of gas made him reassess his decision


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