Brando’s Preseason Top 10

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Whoa, that’d be really cool if we can finish within the Top 10. Hopeful for this to manifest (as my sisters say haha)

Side note, I’m surprised TX & Tx A&M didn’t make the list. With the upper-echelon, blue-chip recruits they get, you’d think they’d at least make the “Just Out” list.

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Brando has always given UH a fair shake. That said, this was not expected, but welcome. The fact that it came from Timmy, is in character.

When his show was on CBS, he had a full size UH helmet behind him many times. I have no inside info, but given his criticisms of the system, it almost felt like, for him, UH was emblematic of the casualties of the craziness.

That said, he had an Oilers pennant up off to the side that was permanently placed there. Just an old school guy, or at least respectful to what matters.

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Wow…… a non ut suck up !

Congrats Tim.