Brandon Campbell…

Is not on our roster at

Aren’t we missing a lot of guys?

I don’t see Cody Jackson, Tyler Johnson, and some others.

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Brandon’s Twitter profile still shows him as UH RB. Maybe he hasn’t enrolled yet.

I also don’t see Lucas Coley.

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Does this mean anything?

The roster as of Spring Practice? But not yet the newcomers?


Yup. I don’t believe anyone not here for Spring Ball is on the roster.

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Think there would have been some sort of tweet from someone if something didn’t pan out….
Like Jo said, probably just not updated yet.

Pretty sure they dont update until Fall Canp


For some reason our football operations has stopped updating rosters. This is our spring roster and doubt we see another one until camp begins in 3-4 weeks.

Thanks guys!

I don’t see the kid from Westfield either, Anthony Holmes Jr. Possible RS?


Edit: for reference even if you’re being RS , still part of the Team n will always show up on the Roster. Still on scholly, practice fully, the whole shaboom.


It’s just a month. I can wait.

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