Breaking down Houston’s 14 Early Signing Day recruits

Odd take that I posted below. 5 of the 14 didn’t have an offer from a P5 team or Bosie State. The rest did so I’m not sure how “having nearly every player go unnoticed” is applicable.

Houston signed 14 players in the early signing period, ranking 73rd in the country and fifth in the AAC. One general observation is that the Cougars weren’t beating out many big schools to get some of these kids. Some of them might be hidden gems, but having nearly every player go unnoticed is unlikely. Houston fans may also be upset where Houston ranks in the country, as well as in the conference. Let’s take a look at each player and break down what they bring to the team.

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How can 13 3* and 1 4* go unnoticed?

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I used to get real excited about recruiting and rankings but I am more inclined to sit back and watch how they play in the Fall. If you look at the ranking by average stars that puts UH 2nd in the AAC, I think the difference in average for the top 7 are very, very small so it’s not like any of the teams have a big lead on this somewhat arbitrary rating.

Even the Spring game does not do much for me – only hoping to avoid any serious injuries until the Fall. At this point, I want the bowl season to be over, the DC announced and possibly the new OC/OL coaches as well.

I am surprised / impressed that Major and staff were able to keep this call together with the tough finish to the season and the uncertainty at the coordinator level.


DT and CB are needs!

This may sound silly, but i think u of h has a national brand


Not silly at all Geo. I travel every week somewhere and am alwaqys finding myself in a conversation about UH regardless of where I am.

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Boise St absolutely killed the rest of the G5 in recruiting this year. Average 247 score 85+. those guys will be juniors or red-shirt sophomores in 2021 when we play them. Something to remember.

Not a very good analysis at all. I like underdog dynasty but this is somewhat of a lazy job. Maybe he was in a hurry. He clearly only looked at the first five offers displayed in 247 when you click on a players name. Had he clicked the link to show all of the interests, he would have seen what we see - we beat out some pretty good schools for some of our players.

When we have guys choosing UH instead of Florida, OU, Kentucky, UCF, Boise, and Syracuse that says something.


Our best freshman that got on the field and in rotation from last recruiting class was probably Logan Hall. 0 P5 offer. I was impressed with Logan whole year.


Year before was Payton Turner, he didn’t get many offers either.

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I think that most over looked players in Houston are 3* guys at baseline. As someone told me once, i will take a Texas 2* guy over a New Mexico (insert most states) 5* all day.