Breaking Ground on Extending Spur 5 from Gulf Fwy to 610S

TxDOT — Today, we broke ground on the SH 35 project that will connect the existing Spur 5 from I-45 to I-610 South Loop. The project will construct a new 8 lane freeway, including mainlanes, ramps, and direct connectors to reduce congestion and improve traffic flow.

Chronicle —

Construction begins on new highway between Gulf Freeway, 610 Loop (paywall)

No completion date specified

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No completion date expected.

(See Gulf Freeway) :joy:


So basically it would be a similar path to 288 in that case except terminates at 610?

According to this schematic, technically it would terminate at Dixie Dr just south of South Loop.

What this means to me is that I’ll have to do more shopping in the Meyerland area and less in the Gulfgate area until construction is complete. I hope Taco Palenque can stay in business without me.

More info here: SH 35 (Spur 5) from I-45 to I-610

Does this help or hurt UH?

It can’t be good for football season, right?

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So you’re saying we should move all games to NRG until it’s finished? Great idea!!

Is that what i said? You might need to re read it.



I think it’s gonna hurt, especially now that we’re expecting larger tailgating crowds.

I guess it depends on if the part that is currently built remains open or not.

If they are going to make it a full freeway with ramps connecting to & from 45 and overpasses at University & Wheeler then the construction will probably mess up that side of campus.

But with no specified timetable, those problems could start this fall or be years away.

I recall the long-term plan is to make it a freeway going to Pearland.

Well those links above say that they broke ground. I assume that that means that they started? I just think about those TCU and UT tailgates which will both be near Lynn Eusan Park. If Spur 5 is closed, I can just imagine the headaches that will occur due to the traffic on that side of campus.

I was born in January, 1947. Construction of the Gulf Freeway started in 1947 which means design started before that. I am 76 and they have been working on the Gulf Freeway my whole life.


UT Engineers planned this.

This freeway is supposed to eventually go to Pearland and Alvin. It’s been on TxDOT’s books since the ‘50s.

The first section got built in the late ‘90s. Now the section to 610 is being built. At this rate, the freeway will reach Pearland in 2075 and Alvin around 2150…

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Glad they started cause they moved folks out that area decades ago when they could’ve stayed for several more years