BREAKING: The University of Houston is expected to receive unanimous approval, and join the Big 12 Conference

This broke last night but considering we have like 5 different posts going on about the same thing… why not make one to unofficially officially announce it.

Sources Below:

UH Expected to make Leap to the Big 12

“The Big 12 requires eight of its current 10 members to approve candidates before expansion can occur. A person with knowledge of the process said UH is expected to receive unanimous approval.” (Joseph Duarte)

“UH has emerged as a leading contender to join a reconfigured 12-team Big 12 with a formal vote planned for next week, two people with knowledge of the talks said Thursday. “(Joseph Duarte)

Source: UH expected to make leap to Big 12

The Call/Vote will take place Monday

“ According to sources the Big 12 Presidents will take part in a call Monday to discuss expansion and potentially issue invitations to @UHouston, @BYU, @UCF and @uofcincy.” (Mark Berman)


BYU, Cinci, Houston, UCF are the Big 12’s expansion choices

“ BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF have emerged as the Big 12’s expansion choices and the league could extend official invitations by the end of this month, sources told The Action Network.

“The league has decided to focus on those four and right now no one else is being targeted,” a source said.” (Brett McMurphy)

“There’s no definitive date (when the official invites would be extended), but I think it’s better it happens in September, rather than later on,” a source said. “Particularly with those four (BYU, Cincinnati, Houston, UCF).” (Brett McMurphy)

“I see this all happening sooner, rather than later,” a source said.“

The most important factors the Big 12 is considering for its expansion candidates are “TV audience, football relevancy and certainly market size is a factor,” a source said. “Men’s basketball brand also is extremely important. The Big 12 is one of the best — if not the best basketball league in the country.”

The Big 12’s decision was based “75 percent on (the school’s) football success and 25 percent (men’s) basketball,” a source said. (Brett McMurphy)

“There is no definitive date (when the invitations would be extended),” a source said. “Do we take all four at the same time or BYU first and the others later? That’s something that must be determined. There are no easy answers.”

A source said the Big 12 adding eight schools to get to a 16-team league is not a realistic possibility.

“Adding only two schools — for a 10-team league without Oklahoma and Texas — “is not likely,” a source said. “Given BYU’s circumstances as a (football) independent, it puts them as the clear-cut No. 1 option. Having to pick just one other school out of the other three (for a 10-team league) is too close to call right now. It would not be an easy decision. Plus, I think, 12 is the right number for us.” (Brett McMurphy)

Source: Big 12 Focused on BYU, Cincinnati, Houston & UCF for Expansion, Could Receive League Invite This Month

“ Echoing reports I believe started with @max_olson (don’t pancake me, Staples) I know that Cincy and Houston are expected to receive and accept invites to the Big 12. Almost every person I’ve spoken with has said “think about basketball” at least once” (Steven Godfrey)


Top Big 12 Basketball Media Reporter

“ .@Big12Conference Basketball just got better. @BYUMBB & 22,000 seat Marriott Center. The tradition of @UHCougarMBK & @GoBearcatsMBB & their new arenas will be huge. @UCF_MBB, a potential goldmine.” (Fran Fraschilla)


“ College Football sources are telling me that the proposed move by the #Big12 to bring BYU, Houston, Central Florida and Cincinnati into the league is basically a “done deal.” Formal invitations are expected to go out within the next 7-10 days. #KHOU11” (Matt Musil)


Looks like we’re joining the Big 12, probably as soon as next week.


So does this mean the AAC isn’t poaching tech and ok state?

Did we ever think that was realistically going to happen? Lol

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When do you think we will start hearing more about when we might move into the Big 12.

When UT and OU hear about when they move to the SEC.


ESPN will let us (and TU) know…