Brenda Tracy gives UH, and Kendal Briles, a message of accountability

As soon as Tracy finished speaking to the team, several players approached her and wanted to sign the pledge. The team will meet early next week and decide together if they will “Set the Expectation” together.

Kendal Briles also approached Tracy after her talk. The two had a short conversation. She still doesn’t agree with the hire, but is willing to move forward.

Hopefully, the Cougars will be the next team to sign this pledge. Several across the country have already.

Applewhite was wise to bring Tracy back to UH. She showed a lot of class by showing up.

The two are setting an example on how to change a culture, even when they don’t see eye-to-eye 100 percent of the time.


Powerful stuff. That must have been an incredible talk and moment in the room. :clap:

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Go Coogs, we want men we can be proud



Thanks for all the posts today, especially this one. Pretty powerful.

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