Brett McMurphy's AP Ballot - Coogs 16th

Questionable picks putting Louisville, UNC, and Washington in front of us.

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Alabama is so overrated. They had several transfers and lost a lot of talent. Derrick Henry was a beast.

I think it’s wide open this year. I like UH chances.

Rooting for AAC, B12 and ACC teams in ooc play this year, then for OU and Louisville to win those their conferences. (UH to go undefeated, of course)

Frak the big 12. Whatru kidding me? Pulling for that @$$$? Fudge that.

I don’t care how high people rank OU and UL ahead of us as long as we stay focused and keep going 1-0. It will just add to our resume. Let others be overrated and us underrated.

I’m not sure you could ever call Alabama overrated at this point.